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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your message.

    I do apologise for the late reply. I had been checking in every day, but did not check in the last few days and did not get an email to notify me of your reply.

    There are different ways to approach this, of course. Always!

    Firstly, you can just consider this consciously.

    I noticed that some of the things you mentioned in your original post were worries based on negative predictions other people (e. g. the media) have made.

    However, as is often the case, some of these prophecies did not come to pass. You still reacted to those worst case scenarios as though they were happening (or were certain to happen). This will have affected you on an emotional level.

    I only point this out, as many of us can be influenced by the hysteria of others and buying into the worst case scenarios. Most of the news these days is predicated o “worst case scenarios.” So many of the things we are told “will happen” do not actually happen and, if they do, do not happen as extremely or ruinously as predicted.

    By contrast, I do not think too many people would have predicted that the last 12 months would have played out the way they did. You are certainly not alone in being affected by this.

    However, on a conscious level, you could make a note of everything bad you expected/were told would happen… that did not happen. You could do this for the last year, or even for the last few years.

    This will just free you up to see that you were not reacting to reality, but a predicted reality.

    There is tremendous power in using the Click Tracks… whilst imagining that the absolute worst case scenarios (from this point forward) are going to happen.

    Here is what I recommend, going forward:

    Run the Click Tracks until you get to a SUD level of 0 or 1 and can imagine those things and not feel panicked about them. This will help you tremendously and, if you dealt with the worst case scenario in this way, you would deal with it from a much calmer state of mind (should it happen in reality).

    There is a paradox here. Some people have gotten excellent results whilst running the Click Tracks on things they consciously “knew” were unlikely to happen. However, if you feel unwanted emotions whilst imagining something happening, it is a useful strategy to clear that from your system. It is beneficial and takes away some mental clutter.

    As for the OCD, Tim, have you used the Click Tracks to clear all the historical pains of which you were/are aware? If not, then I definitely recommend going back to the earliest period of your life where you sensed you, the people you love or the world was in danger.

    You may also get some movement whilst imagining you absolutely cannot do the OCD behaviour ever again. Make that real and try hard to bring up the urge/compulsion and CT that.

    You may also wish to CT the compulsion every time it arises (or as close as possible to the time when it arises).

    For the belief, yes, it would be absolutely fine to run it again (if it still feels true).

    “Something bad is going to happen” may be what I call a transitory belief or simply a negative expectation, but holding it definitely does something to your nervous system. You did not pluck it out of thin air and there will be reasons why you feel this. Getting rid of it when/if it presents will prove beneficial.

    There might be something more causal here too. You might wish to consider whether a belief like the one below resonates:

    – “The world is a dangerous place”

    You may consciously disagree, so say it out loud to see if it feels true, heavy or painful.

    If it does, I recommend that you put it into the past tense, and run a BB whilst trying hard to believe it.

    As for the PQT, it is a nice suggestion but maybe it clashed too strongly with your current belief set. Maybe there is a belief within your subconscious that is not OK to feel calm.

    Clearing beliefs and emotions around safety/danger will certainly help.

    You could also layer in an even softer suggestion:

    “Maybe it really is safe for me to feel much calmer, no matter what happens”

    I hope this helps, Tim.

    Please keep the thread updated with your progress and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Kind Regards,


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