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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your reply and for sharing some of the difficulties you have experienced.

    It sounds like there might be something (or some things) that your mind is not wanting you to face at that moment. This is absolutely OK.

    There are different ways around this – always. This is by no means a prescriptive or exhaustive list.

    Your subconscious is simply doing its job and trying to keep you safe. It is, in effect, pattern-matching. Something in your environment could possibly be triggering these feelings. It could be that you are feeling influenced by other people’s views.

    What you can do is just work with the feelings you have – the unwanted ones – and see if you can attach them to any times, people, situations or memories with which/whom you know the feelings (e.g. anxious feelings) are present. You can then CT those whilst trying hard to feel the feelings. The 2015 Click Tracks tend to be the best tools for this.

    If the scenes keep moving, you may wish to imagine that you are watching yourself watching those movies, or making them black and white… and then trying to feel the feelings. Your conscious effort will usually be enough, in any case – work with what presents to you.

    You may also wish to make a mental or written note about when the anxious feelings fire off and what you are doing at that time. Patterns will likely become apparent.

    You can layer in PQT statements along the lines of:

    – “Maybe it is safe and helpful to remember my childhood fully now”


    – “I thought I was rejected, but maybe I can accept I was wrong”


    – “Maybe it is safe to feel safe, as that will help protect me”

    If any statement seems “too good to be true”, soften it or re-word it so that it resonates with you.

    It can be helpful to think that you are just telling a scared part of you something that is likely to put it in a more empowering frame.

    With that in mind, what did you need to hear when you were experiencing any difficulties in childhood?

    If it came from someone who loved you deeply, and who you trusted, what would have really helped in those moments?

    You may wish to sit with those questions, as this will help you layer in more impactful PQTs.

    You can also run an Accelerator tapping track whilst pondering the question “what is it that I have been afraid to face?” or “what would be bad if I didn’t feel this anxiety anymore?”

    Anxiety is usually just a label given to the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts resulting from a belief that something bad is going to happen. So, you can also CT the “worst case scenarios.” I mentioned the news reports earlier in the thread, and we do absorb these things – what people around us are saying, doing and what we see in the various media.

    Most of the media profits from predicting worst case scenarios and engages in scaremongering.

    Go into that as your own scientist and see if anything new comes to mind – ideas, insights, memories etc. If any painful memories or imagined outcomes come to mind, CT those.

    Please let me know how you get on, Tim, and please continue to dialogue if anything is unclear.

    Kind Regards,


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