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    I see this post as an interesting because of something that Brian and Paul wrote. So,

    “When you blast the beliefs do you really REALLY try as hard as you can to feel the feelings while you imagine things that have happened in your past/present/future that would make you believe the belief is true?”

    I have BB and looking at this I wonder if during BB I can actually imagine a situation in which you feel certain belief, in the case of gdogg9999 as being a failure. I thought that this is for Click tracks but can it also be for BB?

    An example – let’s say that someone beliefs she/he is not attractive enough and whenever he/she is in a group of people she/he feel like inadequate. Could this person then use the BB, telling “I was never good enough” or “I was never attractive” or “I was ugly” and feel/visualize a situation in a group of people, really trying to feel this belief? Or would you go first with the click track, then repeat the same with BB? and to top it off using some PQT and fill the void with some positive statements?