10 minutes of Click Track is a long time to focus

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Because of my chronic anxiety and stressful thinking, my mind has developed defenses when dealing with negative feelings and past experiences. So it's difficult to sit down, and focus/prepare to work on an issue for the 10 minutes the pstec audio runs. There is a lot of resistance. And thoughts come and go very fast, and they disappear or I get distracted easily.

      I use EFT also which is better in this regard because I can just start tapping when I feel something negative. No lengthy intro, preparation or duration.

      But I also want to use pstec because of variety and for working from as many angles as possible.

      It would be ideal for me if I could start pstec fast, and pause it before the 10 minutes… a couple of minutes for example… and then run it again (or resume) when I tune into the issue again. Otherwise I end up listening to the audio while daydreaming about other stuff (resistance).

      And no, I haven't managed to bend my generalised and social anxiety just yet after so many months, so I know I haven't been too successful after using the pstec for so long (free+advanced packages). So I need to optimize my use of it and minimize the effects of resistance.

      I'd love to be able to use pstec for a minute, pause… write down my thoughts, do a couple of rounds of EFT, check my SUDS, resume PSTEC etc… that sort of fashion. But I am not sure if that would render the pstec method ineffective.

      Any thoughts?




      Hello Evan,

      Have you ever tried the pstec accelerator click track? I've had good success with it with clients that have trouble focusing, or who simply don't feel like using the regular click tracks. They always remark on how nice it is that the track is shorter than the other 4 click tracks. You may want to give it a try?
      Also, how about applying EFT to the “PSTEC focus issue”? You could also address your 'belief' about your mind having developed defenses when dealing with negative issues/ past experiences, as it probably contributes to the whole problem. You probably won't even have to bring it all the way down to a SUDS of 0, but could try out the click track once you've 'gone down' a bit.
      In case you give this a try, I'd love to know how it worked for you!





      If you have the PSTEC Level 1 Package, maybe you could try the PSTEC Positive 2 track – that's only 3:03 mins long, there's no intro just straight in with the clicks, though as its title suggests Tim focuses on the positive ie OVERCOMING the negative, as opposed to focusing on the negative with the intention to clear it.  You could try focusing on what YOU want to and bypass Tim's voice but who knows if this will work, could be worth a try though if you do have the Level 1 – let us know how you go, if you do decide to experiment.


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