35 Years of Substance Addiction, Abuse and Anxiety gone in 120 minutes

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    Brian Tucker
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      I have been working with a close friend of mine who has been dealing with heavy general anxiety for a few years. They had been working with the various pstec tools for nearly a year now and had made some progress to stabilize though felt like they weren't getting the results they were after.

      I have known this individual nearly my whole life and so we decided to explore something very obvious and simple.

      This person has a long history of “recreational” substance use. The levels of which they have participated in the various recreational activities by medical textbook standards would be considered addiction and/or abuse.

      I started by asking them to list out the various types of substances they have used over the years. These included:

      – Recreational cocaine use over the course of about 4 years
      – Occasional LSD use – roughly @ 30 times. They admittedly had one really bad experience with some extremely strong LSD in particular
      – Heavy ecstasy use over a 4 year period in the upwards of 12 pills over a 3 day weekend – consistently taking 6 pills
      – Marijuana use – smoking – in upwards of 28 grams per week or more for 5 years
      – Heavy alcohol use – binge drinking – blackout for 20+ years
      – Psilocybin mushroom use a few times
      – Occasional GHB use

      All of this occurred between the ages of about 19 and 45. One key term I heard them say was “I can't remember the last time I felt good except back before college”. This person had been sober for a few years.

      So very simply, what I asked them to do was to imagine for a minute, what their life would be like if they would have never experienced any of this in their life and to think about all the years of how they felt while taking those various substances and also how they felt the next day after the experiences.

      We then went back as far as we could to when they first started “partying” and I had them think about how they felt on the various substances. I had them run clicktracks in the following sequence:

      2015 long
      Tapping accelerator
      2015 long
      Tapping accelerator
      Free basic track #2
      EEF Track #2

      I had them think and really try as hard as they could to feel the feelings of when they were partying, getting sick, bad experiences, feeling hungover, feeling tweaked up on cocaine, wound up on the ecstacy, waiting for the drugs to kick in or wear off, having anxiety the next day after heavy partying, shame/regret/guilt/ laying in bed feeling like garbage, feeling like crap, procrastinating, feeling horrible at work, the worst next day experiences they could remember where they felt like they were dying the next day lol “I'll never party again” – any scenario/feeling possible that was associated with partying or after the partying.

      I had them work their way through time and just keep clicktracking through time until it was all down to a 1 or 0. I suppose this could be done with use of the wrapper track but we just went with the CT.

      When this was complete the person felt as if they had experienced a miracle. It was as if none of this had ever happened in their life and all of the anxiety and horrible feelings they had, low energy and so many issues were completely gone. They had been doing all of this partying to stuff down loads of years of issues and all of that was connected to the feelings they had from partying. All of it was completely released and gone!

      This person was also having panic attacks even though they had been sober for a long time. They had two horrible panic attacks years ago so I also had them go back and CT those two panic attacks as well as the bad LSD experience which really “freaked them out”. These two panic attacks both came a few days of being “sober” after long nights of heavy partying. All panic attacks are completely gone now.

      I want to share this because this process will work wonders for anyone who has a history of partying whether it be binge related or sustained use of substances. You can completely remove all of this from your reality and you will feel like a completely different person when it's done.

      The other thing I had  this person do in a subsequent session was also CT the feelings they had of talking to or “venting” to other people/ bartenders etc. when they were very drunk. There was a ton of victim, anger, grief, frustration etc when they CT these feelings. Again a completely different experience after it was all released.

      I had the person listen to the short relaxing accelerator when they were finished and the long one at bedtime.

      I encourage others to share their results. It may take more or less runs of the clicktracks for different people.

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