Anxiety levels dont seem to be reducing

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    Julie Wardrope
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      Hi all, This is my first post.

      Ive used the click tracks before to get over my fear of flying and it worked great.

      Ive been suffering from anxiety for a few years and the root of it is from noisy neighbours from quite a few years ago.
      We moved house 6 years ago, and everything was fine. Then neighbours daughter moved in a couple of years for a short period, and was blaring music. My anxiety levels were triggered. I wven wanted to move house. My husband doesnt have any stress levels at all.
      She is no longer living there. But now i listen out for every noise. They arent noisy neighbours, i just seem to zone in on every noise.
      There was music playing today when i got home from work, not loud and wasnt on for long.
      But now i dont want to go home.

      Ive tried the tracks a few times now, and it feels like they work until i hear another noise.

      Apologies for the long story.
      Can anyone help with suggestions.

      Elizabeth Pilgrim
      PSTEC User

        Hello Julie. It sounds like you might want to click on that frustration or anxiety from the noises you heard from your neighbors daughter. Click on that visual you have of that situation. OF course, rate it on a scale from 0-10 and go from there until you can get that down to a 0-1. Then work on the positive click track and craft a positive statement that is opposite of your anxiety. Like, “Every time I hear noises I am calm and relaxed.” or something like that. You can do it!

        “I am always open to unlimited possibilities”

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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