Benefits of the new PSTEC Negative in surfacing deep hidden beliefs

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      I have been using PSTEC CTs, Negative and Positive every day in a systematic manner. I have noticed that in some postings there are indications that users tend to regard each program as compartmentalized when in fact they are linked. I did several CTs on a feeling that brought out a belief. I the did a PSTEC on that belief. In the morning I tested the belief and on the surface, at least there is no emotion attached to it, it appeared that the belief had not completely disappeared. However it quickly became evident that the original belief was a disguised used y my subconscious to protect the “real belief”!! So, don't assume that PSTEC Negative did not work but it is your subconscious, in my humble opinion, that fir some reason is “protecting ” the real belief. The belief I was tackling originally was my constant need to know my future. Following Jeff' s suggestion in previous posting I am doing the “why?” Drilling looking for the real culprit! Funny, the intellect wants to know the future and the subconscious says!

      Blessings to all, that we may have the courage and wisdom to face and eliminate our fears!

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