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      Hello everyone, i've been playing with PStec for a couple of weeks now. I have level 1 and PS negative. Both have been incredible for me

      My current situation is that i have a very important exam next week, and i am already behind schedule. I would like to know how can i make this exam my absolute priority in my mind?. Conciously i know that this exam is very very important and i know what happens if i fail. But for the sake of me i cannot concentrate on it.

      Im constantly getting up, going around going to the pc/phone/anything

      Would it be possible to prioritize this goal as a short term compulsion to study?


      PSTEC User

        Don't let this forum and PSTEC distract you from your studies. I'm in school as well and I have noticed that instead of doing my homework I am on here (not that it's a bad thing) in your mind say after I studied for an hour (or an appropriate time) for my exam then I will get on PC/phone for 30-45 minutes or during that 30-45 min do a PSTEC audio. Then go back to studying remember after your exam is over the Forum will still be here. It is easy to get distracted by a new toy and PSTEC is a great New toy because it does work great.
        You could always do a couple of Positive tracks on “I will pass my exam”!!or “The exam answers come to me easily”
        I hope this helps

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          Hey Lisa yeah you are right, im not in a position to be playing with new tools right now. Just made a couple of PP statements this morning, and im gonna be out of the grid for some days for studying now.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            PSTEC Peak Performance is an excellent tool for those single events coming up where you wish to allow your highest performance to come through…


            PSTEC User

              Hi Freeman I hope I didn't sound like a “B” I just know how addicting the forum and PSTEC can be because they are both so AWESOME and I just didn't want you to lose focus on passing your exam. From your post it sounded pretty important to you and I just wanted to help. That's great you were able to make some PP statements those have helped me a lot and the Peak Performance that Jeff recommend sounds like it would be a big help. I'm going to have to get those to use before my big exam. If I was you I wouldn't cut it out completely because you need to have fun and work on yourself in the process that's why I said to schedule in the fun time around your studying (everyone needs a break to refresh your memory). Hope this helps.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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