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    Russell Cronberg
    PSTEC User

      Hi Jeff, over the last few months I've been having great success using the free click tracks as well as the level 1 advanced tracks for dealing with approach anxiety in meeting women.  I've gone from being utterly terrified of saying anything to a woman to now being somewhat “comfortable” with making small talk anywhere I go.  Since I figured that I had a lot of my anxiety under control I switched gears and began focusing my PSTEC time on using the positive tracks to install new beliefs regarding dating and women.  Some examples of my positive statements are “I'm naturally comfortable around women and I project an attractive energy towards women” etc.  What I'm discovering now is that seemingly out of left field, I'm feeling a lot of my old anxiety again.  I've run the accelerator tracks and the click tracks on this anxiety which has helped somewhat, but so far I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of this.  I'm a little discouraged and “burned out” but I want to keep up the good progress I've made thus far.  Is this a normal experience to have while using the positive tracks?  Thanks, Russell

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Russell,

        Excellent work thus far and I appreciate you coming here for some clarity… let's see what I can do…

        Here's a new perspective for you on goals, targets and desires…

        Actually achieving the goal has no meaning, what has meaning is that when you strive for the goal, you discover the barriers.
        You see, we are funny creatures in that when we can't seem to get something, we want it even more and we don't seem to want what we can have.

        So, we pursue, persue, persew … we will try umteen different variations of how to do something to get that carrot… to get that ONE thing that will finally make our life worthwhile.

        And, we are told in this culture, that the harder we try, the more we will get.

        Well, as the saying goes, 'How is that working for everyone?'

        Not good, right?

        This type of work is all about removing the barriers to being your natural, wonderful and unlimited self.  Remove the barriers and you will be surprised at what just happens naturally and seemingly effortlessly.

        If you are taking the use of PSTEC seriously, take it all.  Immerse yourself in using the tools, but also listening to the subtleties that Tim puts in all his tutorials, instructions and even introductions… there's gold in them thar audios, I tell ya!!!

        So, one of the keys to using PSTEC is being gentle with yourself… be kind … don't make this intense and hard work; those characteristics can be counter-productive and actually create even more resistance.

        I am making a short story long to emphasize and address the most important part of your question … “I'm a little discouraged and “burned out””…

        Russell, you want to get to a place where discovering… allowing … experimenting … with PSTEC and the causes or sources of your limiting issues … is an exciting prospect, as opposed to working hard, pinpointing, digging, FINALLY getting rid of problems, etc.

        You see?

        So, yes, when you establish a goal by using PSTEC Positive (PP) and craft a Positive Statement (PS), if there are barriers, then they will come up because the subconscious (sub) is responding to your suggestion… the PS … and telling you there is a conflict.

        Now, many people say, 'The hell with the sub, I'll just force my way through this… I'm not gonna let some little part of my mind get in the way!!!'

        But, again, be kind… and that includes being kind to your sub when things come up… these feelings come up for a reason.

        So, when they come up, merely realize them for what they are… COMMUNICATION (from the sub)… and be grateful you are being given an opportunity to discover a barriers to be cleared away… thereby giving you more freedom!

        So, when you say, “… I am feeling a lot of my old anxiety again…”; it sounds like, most likely, it's not quite the same, but based upon a different aspect of the more broad issue.

        Without actually chatting with you, it's a bit more difficult to assess specifically what's going on, but here are some suggestions and possibilities…

        • Your PS includes, “I project an attractive energy towards women”… there could be several issues here in that rather than just small talk (which you seemed to be able to experience without anxiety), you are now embarking on an action or activity that is much more “threatening”… not as safe … and could invoke some response from the sub.
        • I would take your PS you used and break it up into two different statements.  Don't make your PS too long or involve more than one thought.  Your PS includes two thought, one about being comfortable around women and the other about projecting attractive energy.

          By splitting these into two PS's, you can assess which one causes a reaction from the sub.

        • Since emotional issues are coming up, don't use the PP until you get the emotional issues cleared away… or at least most of them.
        • Do not approach the emotional issues with a “do or die” attitude… an attitude that reeks of desperation or full of doubt.  You must enter this space of work with the expectation of success… at least it will carry you much further and with less resistance.
        • [/list]Most of all, realize that when things seem the most hopeless, that is when it's time to continue on your path and also offer more kindness to your entire being and also more attention or awareness so that you can find the source of the issue more quickly and effortlessly.
          Take care and keep clickin' my friend… Aloha!

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