Can I use PSTEC Positive this way?

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    Can I use the positive tracks for several things.  Not all at once but a different thing each day?  For example

    Day 1:  I am now making $6000 a month in sales
    Day 2:  I find the perfect home, in the perfect location at a very affordable price
    Day 3:  My mind is overflowing with prosperous business ideas, I act on them fast and profit now.

    Or, am I missing what the positive tracks are for altogether?

    Meghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

    Hello Lovebostons –

    I am not sure if I am missing anything but – – what you have listed and your intent of using PSTEC Positive is spot on.

    The caveat is – – – if you have any negative emotions around these – – – then you would want to click on negative emotions with the basic click tracks

    PSTEC User

    Thank you Meghan.  I wasn't sure if you needed to stick to one positive statement or could switch back and forth on different days.

    I do understand about the negative emotions showing up and doing the basic click tracks, and I also do the ones from Level 1. 

    It is interesting that I found instant relief from the basic tracks and felt so good I moved on to the positive and felt even better.  But I suspect my subconscious has some sneaky ways to submerge some things.  After doing the positive CT I got one of those sneaky feelings….LOL….and did the basic click tracks and sure enough some negative things showed up.

    But now when something negative shows up I'm not afraid anymore.  I say “bring it on….let's get this cleaned up.”

    Meghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

    That's great – it sounds like you're making good progress. 

    Isn't it comforting to have tools to turn to when needed.

    Wishing you continued success. – Meghan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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