Can I use PSTEC to stop constantly having a thought caused by a relationship?

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      Hello PSTEC,
      I have a long term mental health problem that I am hoping I can use PSTEC to get rid of. I will try to keep the explanation simple.
      12 years ago I was in a relationship with a female who, when young, had been sexually abused by her brother. We went to a 'group therapy' where the therapist took an action which a day later caused me to have a horrendous mental impact; it was as if my brain suddenly started to think I was her brother and I had a horrible feeling of panic.
      About two months later that thought basically disappeared.
      About three years later, when anxiety and panic disorder suddenly started, that thought came back. Ever since, i constantly have a thought in my head of him, as if he 'lives' in my brain. When I am active in the moment I do not have that thought. But when I think of the past, or when I think of family, or even when I think about the future, instead of just thinking about what I am supposed to be thinking about, constantly the thought of him enters my mind. The thought of him is constantly horrible, it is as if a devil lives in my brain. (Note, I am not religious and do not actually believe in heaven or hell or God or Devils.)
      I have used PSTEC click tracks to reduce the emotion connected to the thought. (And used PSTEC to reduce my anxiety and panic disorder.) But I have never been able to forget / get rid of the constant feeling of the thought of him dominating my mind.
      I am trying to figure out if using the PSTEC Beliefs would be effective?
      Any advice on what could be used to stop the thought of him constantly entering my mind would be appreciated.

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Going4Better (Great positive name)

        If you found some improvement with PSTEC (Basic Click Tracks I assume) then perhaps keeping on going might help or stepping up to the Enhanced Click Tracks from Level 1. PSTEC Negative works with language based beliefs example “I am no good at maths” and so probably not the best choice for you. Take a look at Cascade Release although it is generally advised as a therapists tool it can be used by a self user. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how effective it might be for your particular problem. PSTEC Accelerators also ramp up the effectiveness of all PSTEC products.

        Some other thoughts hopefully you might find helpful:
        Anything that you can imagine is effectively real to you, so this other person whether beside you inside your head or that you become that other person possibly also has feeling and emotions that you experience. If so then I suggest Click Tracking his feelings or even on behalf of of him, and if you can any guilt or anger over that initial abuse of his sister.
        That “horrendous mental impact” would be a prime target to Click Track is this possible for you?
        Consider also finding and working with a PSTEC therapist. The complexity of your case makes it difficult to sort out over a platform like this with the schizoid like other person being tangled up with anxiety and panic.

        PSTEC User

          Thanks for your reply Peter.
          I have used PSTEC click track to work on the problem – it reduced the horrible emotions that I felt when he enters my thought. Unfortunately as said he still constantly 'enters' my mind.
          I was thinking I could use negative belief by using 'I believe he lives in my head' but it sounds like that is not going to work?
          I have to admit I am scared of the thought of using PSTEC 'on behalf of him'. It makes me think it might make think even more that he is 'inside me'.
          I will re-read your advice tomorrow and try to come to a conclusion to take action.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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