Celebrating a Success!!!

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      Oh, yeah!!!  (lol)

      I think it's the most $$$ I've ever made at once, or close to it.  (This is the kind of stuff I was doing pre-recession, lol.  I did need a rest, however.)

      It is on-going and may lead to doing promotional work.

      But I am just letting the happiness descend into my body right now, lol; and gratitude for this!!!

      The people are really nice and wanted to hire me just from my pictures and resume, even before the test shoot.


      And THANKS to all here for the PTSD help!!!

      (Suggestion–maybe a “Successes” section of the Forum for this kind of stuff.  Or we can just post them under their respective topics like this one.)


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Maika'i (Excellent)!  Mahalo for sharing!!

        If you would like to share your story check out this page and you can record your story… http://pstecaudiosource.org/what-others-say

        Keep up the good work … er … play!  ;D

        Aloha nui!


        Sally Baker
        PSTEC User

          Hello Great to hear your good news! Everything is possible when you clear out the old cruddy stuff that's been getting in your way of fulfilling your potential.

          Jeff right, keep up the good work,  eh play and keep clicking.

          Look forward to hearing more PStec success stories in 2013.

          Regards Sally

          PSTEC User

            MANY thanks, Sally and Jeff!!!  (And THANK YOU to all who generously gave of their time, on and off Forum:  Andy, Sally, Jeff, Peter, Meghan, oz, etc.  Healing can take a village…and some time, lol!)

            I'll keep all posted on more successes from here.  :)

            Thanks for the link to tell my story.

            Looking forward to even more goal-meeting in the future!!!  (How NICE to move from goal-setting to goal-meeting, lol.)

            KEEP CLICKIN ', ALL!!!  DON'T give up!!!

            <3  :)

            Meghan Saunders
            PSTEC User

              This was so wonderful to read – thank you for sharing your success with us.  Congratulations on getting free from the past and propelling yourself forward towards your desires.  Congratulations on your modeling contract too.  WOO-HOO is right!!!

              I am just letting the happiness descend into my body right now – – this is such a great sentence! – – – I am very happy for you!


              PSTEC User

                MANY thanks, Meghan!!!

                It's nice to enjoy the “light at the end of the tunnel” occasionally, lol.  It's been a hard year for me.

                I really have been letting the happiness sink into my cells, which is really great.  AND I am able to let that happen and enjoy it more, yay!

                Future manifestations are contained in the joy I am letting in now.  :)  The more we can (literally) “embody” that, the more fabulous stuff comes our way!!!

                Here's to more success for all in 2013!!!

                Peter Bunyan
                PSTEC User

                  Hi DG
                  Thank you for letting us know your good news.
                  Keep us updated with more of your successes.

                  PSTEC User

                    Good to hear your hard work's paid off DG!
                    And unlike 99% of people, you know the secret of the click tracks. So here's to 50 years of upcoming happiness for ya :)

                    PSTEC User

                      MANY Thanks, Peter and oz (and Tim)!!!

                      I am ALSO up for a part in another movie right now.  (It's the same casting lady who has hired me for other films.  She is really nice.)

                      (Oh, yeah; I'm on FIYAH over here!!!  lol)

                      Just letting the good feelings cement themselves in my body.  (I think it's REALLY important to give the same amount of energy or more to these good shifts as I have given to the more difficult stuff.  I think the difficult energies can be quite addicting,  [plus we think we need them to survive], so I am REALLY enjoying these feelings of success and abundance now!!!)

                      Keep on clickin'…!!!


                      Jeff Harding
                      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                        Ah, beautiful DG … now, let's get your story on audio or even video… if you would like to do a nice PSTEC Story on video, let me know!  :D

                        Good Job!!!



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