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    johan forsberg
    PSTEC User


      I am on the lawofattractionpath and among other areas I will try to use PSTEC for clearing resistance against physical things. I got the tip from Bob Doyle, wealth beyond reason program to try PSTEC and here I am. I have done it for a few weeks and I love it so far.

      They say that if you want something but dont have it or dont receive it that means you got resistance against it. So before you actually try to attract something you need to clear your resistance against that thing. In my case that would be resistance against: house, sail boat, motorbike, better studio etc (physical stuff)
      Of course I could buy all these things if a had a bunch of money but they say that it is better to concentrate on the things rather than the money.

      Do you got any suggestions on how to deal with this and what tools to use.?

      Thanks, Johan

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        The first thing I would work on would be:

        What is it in you that makes you feel compelled you “need” those things. What do those feelings feel like? Do they feel like joy, excitement enthusiasm or peace? “J.E.E.P”

        Do you feel you need them to be:
        good enough
        worthy to others
        externally validated (by others)


        How do you feel about your life right now without these things, just as it is?

        You want to replace the non-JEEP feelings of “need” with feelings of “desire”

        Also CT The feelings of what would prevent you from moving forward to create these things in your life.

        Some people are under the belief that if you just think long and hard enough (focus your thoughts) and/or clicktrack eveything away and sit on your couch that what you want will magically appear. I would definitely clear anything around that. :~)

        johan forsberg
        PSTEC User

          Thank You for your answer Brian.  :)

          You gave me a few things to think about there. I have not figured out what prevents me from moving forward though. I guess it will pop up.

          I have also read many of your other posts where you talk about getting angry before doing the click tracks. I have tried that for a few days and find it so powerful so thanks.

          Sometimes I find it hard though to get angry at a specific event or feeling so I have clicktracked on the thing that makes me most angry in the moment. I dont know if that is an OK way to go but it feels OK.

          I also just got the ”no more anxiety” that you tried out and shared so I am looking forward to that to and hope that I dont do to many things at the same time.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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