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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      If you are avoiding/struggling with rejection, affection, relationships, trust, your work history, social relationship and even money, it's highly possible on a deeper and broader level you are counterdependent.

      Here's a link to more on this relationship killer that can affect every area of your life:

      Counterdependents often have thoughts and feelings like…

          –      I avoid all sorts of things in my relationships like the plague
          –      I’m very hard on myself, afraid of or hate making mistakes
          –      My inner voice is always talking a game of intense self-criticism
          –      I don’t relax easily and feel anxious if I don’t have something to do
          –      I have a little bit (or a lot of) difficulty remembering things when I was a kid
          –      I have a lot of shame, especially when I feel needy
          –      I secretly suffer feelings of loneliness and emptiness
          –      Vulnerability is a weakness

      And maybe you’ve thought these things often?

          –      I don’t need anyone in my life
          –      I can’t let anyone too close they’ll just disappoint me
          –      I can’t let my guard down, or they’ll hurt me
          –      I'd rather be successful than have a relationship
          –      Love is totally overrated
          –      I don’t need love
          –      People just from me and leave me drained
          –      Other people are just not worth it
          –      I’m too good for him/her
          –      He/she could never handle me
          –      Nobody can understand me
          –      Nobody is smart enough to be with me or get me

      Often times people have fear of rejection, avoidance and trust issues but can't seem to get past them. This is because the problem(s) are much larger than they can see.

      PSTEC can make this all much more manageable and/or completely remove it from your life as if it was never there.

      Working with a PSTEC practitioner can help you dramatically speed your progress and help you see blind spots you aren't yet aware of.

      More on how to contact a practitioner at the PSTEC register here:

      PSTEC User

        Very interesting. This is “me”.
        Getting annoyed angry at people. Not being in love with girlfriends until they dump me. I hate everyone.

        Given your description how would one handle this complex topic?

        CT the examples you give (with examples from your own life)
        Belief blaster?

        Thanks for your advice.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Yes. Some of them you will need to break down because they are “complex” beliefs

          e.g. I can’t let anyone too close they’ll just disappoint me

          I can’t let anyone too close
          people/others disappoint me
          People I love disappoint me


          Great PQT suggestions to help are:

          I now definitely notice myself feeling completely secure and safe about relationships
          I now realize relationships are absolutely safe because I feel completely secure

          PSTEC User

            Brian thanks a lot.
            Although the “condition” resonates with my life, I'm not sure the beliefs are are.

            For example I think I can let people close to me.

            Or am I wrong? Does my sub conscious see it differently and I don't even now about it?


            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              It's possible you have many of the beliefs, but not all of them. You might also have some that are not listed. You can start with what you feel now and you will likely gain more awareness of others as you go.

              PSTEC User

                Thanks again.

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