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      New kid on the block here–and new with PSTEC.  I have used it to diminish my sense of irritation that arises when things around me do not follow my expectations.  I'm usually pretty much of a 'go with the flow' person, and I had lately been noticing how irritable I get when others disrupt my “routine”.  The PSTEC click track has been a real benefit.
      Now I have a bigger issue.  I have only just become aware of a deep seated resistance that I feel when things aren't as I want them to be.  I have done a lot of journaling about this, and know that it began very early in my life.  I was not “allowed” to show rebellion when things didn't go my way, and I seem to have internalized a sense of resistance to anything that is not my preference.  I don't “hate” things, or people, but I feel a strong sense of resistance to what I am left with after being denied what I want or need in my life.  This is very subtle, and deep-rooted.  I am constantly amazed at the number of times in a day I can feel this resistance over every little thing.  I truly believe it was a coping mechanism for a very young child, and I simply incorporated it into my life to the point of not recognizing it for many years.
      I have done the Click Track thing twice with this in mind, and I seem to be minimizing it some. 
      My question now is : is it really possible that something like this can be eliminated with PSTEC?  The feeling is so ingrained in me, I cannot possibly bring to mind every level of resistance and deal with them separately.  What I have been doing is letting myself feel the really strong feelings of resistance that I am most aware of, and using the Click Track to work on those feelings.  Will continuing this way eventually eliminate all of it, will I become aware of even the most subtle aspects of this, and then be able to get rid of those with PSTEC?  Or will the subtle ones go away as the more obvious ones do??
      I guess I'm looking for assurance that I CAN rid myself of this now useless coping mechanism I developed so long ago.
      Sorry this post is so long
      Any assistance is welcome.

      Samm ♥

      John Karpowicz
      PSTEC User

        Hi Samm,

        I can't say I have any answers for you, but in reading your post it I found myself thinking “that sounds exactly like me”!  I would just encourage you to keep working with it as you have been.  I've found it to be quite helpful so far.


        PSTEC User

          Thanks, John, I appreciate your response.
          Samm  ♥

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Samm… mahalo John for your attention here!

            There is always a reason for our reactions… whether they are emotional and behavioral and, as Tim says, we look to the Law of Three, “Emotions, beliefs and behaviors.”

            You have the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's and can also use the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) for emotional issues.

            Then, you can use PSTEC Positive (PP) and, yes, also ATT for belief and behavior changes.

            The key is to find the source of your reaction… the cause of your subconscious perception that resistance is the most ideal reaction when things do not happen in accordance with your intention or desire.

            As you delve a bit deeper… oh,by the way, as my girl, Beth, would say, “Good Job!!” on beginning your path of freedom here because while freedom sounds good, and it is, it's not always comfortable because we tend to be attached to our current perceptions and behaviors, so, again, Good Job!!! for beginning and then continuing this work (er… play?) and for coming here to get some tips and hints….

            … so, as you delve deeper…

            Listen to the clues and follow them through to the source. Sometimes they may lead you directly to the source and you are done!  Other times, it winds through a seemingly endless maze from one memory or imagined event to another… but, keep the faith and continue because the end is always near!!!

            Here are a couple clues that I believe are worth pursuing…

            • “I was not “allowed” to show rebellion when things didn't go my way”…
              How do you know this… what was the evidence?  What is a particular memory that is very strong to show you are rebellion is NOT allowed?

              Look for the memories that support that conclusion in your mind and use the CT, EEF or ATT on it or them.

            • “The feeling is so ingrained in me, I cannot possibly bring to mind every level of resistance and deal with them separately.”  Ok, this seems more of a belief issue than an emotional issue, although, always be aware when emotions come up and release them with CT/EEF/ATT work.

              But, with this statement, use a Positive Statement (PS) with PP to begin suggestions otherwise… something like this…

              “This cause of the resistance feeling comes to me easily and clearly so I can find peace in my life.”
              (Use this with PP each time before doing work with the CT.)

              As you use this PS with PP, be sure to be aware of any emotions that come up during the use of this PS that say, in effect, 'That's not true.'  Then, again, take those emotions, relate particular memories to the feelings and use the CT.  Then, once those “interruptions” of your PP are down to 0-1, then go back to your PS with PP.

            • [/list]Also, consider using the Accelerators every 2-3 times you use any of the other tracks to help encourage your recall of memories and feelings that are the source behind your resistance.

              With all that in mind, when you begin a new approach on this issue, be specific.  Do not look at your resistance in an overall view of your life, just one particular area that you can focus on.  This gives you an area that is more easily measured to see your progress, plus, you can give your undivided focus, attention and energy to the one specific and narrow area at a time so you can be aware of what comes up that is a barrier to clearing that way.

              It's akin to watching one lane of a two way, fourteen lane highway for a particular vehicle, rather than trying to scan the entire highway… just focus on one at a time.



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