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      I wanted to understand the difference between Positive Empowered and PSTEC Positive Extra Power.

      Positive Empowered sounds like it is hypnosis or self hypnosis (depending on your definition). Perhaps like the relaxation tracks in the Accelerator package.

      The PSTEC Positive Extra Power sounds like they are more like the Level 1 positive tracks with something extra.

      How would you decide between them. Of course I could buy the whole lot (as they say in the UK) and work it out for myself.



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        PSTEC Positive Empowered is a hypnotic audio (with instructions); no tapping or focusing on a specific positive statement.  Just sit back, relax and let it “wash over and through you.”  So, it's more of an “overall” or general positive empowering tool.

        PSTEC Positive Extra Power is used exactly the same as PSTEC Positive (PP) … has instructions and both tapping and non-tapping tracks.  PP Extra Power addresses shifts in beliefs and behavior specifically based upon what you focus on in accordance with the instructions.  Tim put these together much later than the original PP tracks adding “new and improved language” to make them even more powerful than PP. This gives you more tracks to rotate in your use of PP so, personally, I now use the original 2 PP along with these 3 newer tracks in rotation.

        PSTEC Positive Empowered is only $10 so for most people a buying “decision” is not really necessary and would be a good extra for your PSTEC Toolbox… the more positive suggestions you use, the better.  So, you can use this one while just relaxing with not much conscious effort or concentration.

        PP Extra Power is more specific where you must craft specific PP Statements to use with the tracks and concentration during the tracks are essential.  So, it takes a bit more work (until you become acclimated to them and then, to me, they become a fun activity!) but can also “take you higher.”  And, I would put PP Extra Power in the Essential category once you are familiar, at least, with Level 1.


        PSTEC User

          thanks Jeff, for another very useful reply.

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