Do I really release the core of the problem, or just the awareness of it?

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    Ellen Dyb Wedeld
    PSTEC User

      Hello! :D First of all I would like to say a BIG thank you to Tim for your brilliant beautiful gift, Jeff, for your love, wisdom and generosity and all the other people who share their experiences on the PSTEC page and here on the forum!

      I discovered PSTEC a couple of months ago, and immediately got a feeling this is something special! Until now I've used it for self-help, and consider using it with clients – even if English is a second language here in Norway. Working with clients (and myself) my favourite tools have been TAT, EFT, NLP – the simplest possible modalities, pure presence, love and intuition. The practise of Ho'oponopono is also an important part of my life. ..and now PSTEC has a special place in my toolbox ;)

      I have experienced that PSTEC can release feelings. I just read about the Emotion Code today, and about an image they use; the “Heart Wall”. Even though that exact modality isn't for me (muscle testing, magnets etc.), that image resonated deeply with me, and I most definitely have quite a solid “Heart Wall”. Built to protect from heartbreak, and resulting in strong feeling of insulation, separateness, being different from everybody, withdrawal, problems connecting with certain people, holding back from success, losing strength and drive, sadness, “impotence”, giving up before I start…and so on.

      I'm probably going to use PSTEC on the different feelings that pop up when I think of this, or even imagine this “Heart Wall”. One concern I have though, is that I would erase/release just the feelings that make me aware of these things, and not the real blockages/memories/stuck energies themselves? So that I afterwords would go around – feeling better perhaps – oblivious to the problem/un-feeling, but with the same problem – behaviour! …and then in the future the core of the problem would be hard to reach…? This worry of mine might not be a problem at all, but I would love to hear your comments on this to reassure myself before working on this with the CT's. I hope I was able to explain this so you understand my question!

      My heartfelt thanks again, for all your beautiful work :D Aloha, Ellen

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Ellen… you're always welcome!

        You are moving right along in the direction toward letting go of those thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that get in the way… keep up the good work… and I do not find any issue with how you are moving along.

        In fact, I find your self-trust quite encouraging, i.e. “…that image resonated deeply with me, and I most definitely have quite a solid “Heart Wall”.”

        Trusting yourself is ALL about listening to the communication from the subconscious (sub) that comes in many forms, like: emotions, feelings, images, thoughts, movies, memories and imagined events.

        So, the “Heart Wall” would be considered an imagined event and, yes, you can use that imagery, thoughts, etc. along with the feeling and run the Click Track (CT).

        Most likely though, you may have to “earmark” certain memories while paired up with the emotions and run the CT on those as well…. keep listening or do the “Two Step”; get quiet and listen.  :- )  The answer will come… just be patient and consistent and persistent.

        Ok, on to your question or concern: “… I would erase/release just the feelings that make me aware of these things, and not the real blockages/memories/stuck energies themselves?”

        Well, the manifestation of your life is one of being “closed” to a certain degree and under certain circumstances.  That is the reality as concluded by the sub and, therefore, it has setup your mind model to serve that end, most likely, because it perceives that position as being safer in some way.

        The sub comes up with these conclusions (remember, not logical, but literal or your sub's “version” of logic) based upon emotional experiences (memories), conjured imagined events, things we are told by authority figures, things we observe and others.

        So, if the conclusion of the mind model goes in a certain direction based upon an emotional experience and the causal experience is neutralized by the CT, you are done and that can happen for many people.

        But, most things are not quite that quick… they are a bit more complex and just require a little more diligence.

        So, there may be multiple emotional experiences that uphold the mind model conclusion in which case you must handle several memories.

        Or, another common challenge is that the conclusion is supported not only by emotional issues but also by things we are told as “the truth” that, quite often, manifest as beliefs and even behaviors.

        If there is a belief or behavior component to the problem, then PSTEC Positive (PP) would be the appropriate tool.

        So, let's say you have something that has both an emotional component and a belief component and you clear away the emotional component (I am being a bit simplistic here to illustrate), would it be hard to find the other aspects?  No, not at all… we would move forward using PP and discover through thought (AND listening to the sub because, remember, it does not just communicate with emotions)

        When you consciously notice conflicting thoughts that are not emotionally charged, you examine the truth of what you desire and then take your desired thought and continue suggesting it to the sub using PP.

        Make sense?

        So, oblivious to the problem?

        I think not because if you are Truly clearing up the emotional aspects of your barriers, you will become more clear in your conscious thinking.

        Oh, bonus benefit … your practice in helping others will get so much easier and simpler and enjoyable.

        So, what you mentioned… these are all clues and, yes, approach these various “conclusions” and follow the breadcrumbs (emotions/feelings) to any memories or imagined events that the sub is using to maintain that “closed” mind model…

        • protect from heartbreak
        • strong feeling of insulation
        • separateness
        • being different from everybody
        • withdrawal
        • problems connecting with certain people
        • holding back from success
        • losing strength and drive
        • sadness
        • “impotence”
        • giving up before I start
        • [/list]You can use these “themes” and ask your sub questions like this as you focus on one of the issues above at a time: “Why is that true to me… what is the evidence in my life that it is true for me… when did thought or feeling start in my life?

          You see?

          Carry on, oh Mighty Nordic PSTEC Warrior … ok, sorry, could not resist!



        Ellen Dyb Wedeld
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Jeff!! I can't believe how generous you are with your time and knowledge :D Your reply is a huge help, and I feel safe in proceeding with the clicks and taps, and have ideas of how to approach these issues. Hopefully I'll report back in a while when things have changed in a BIG way for the better!

          I also want to mention a sort of synchronisity that just happened… Last night I was working with a client I hadn't seen in a while. He told me he had discovered something new on the internet, which he had been using lately. It was PSTEC of course! He's the only person in Norway beside myself, that I know of, that knows about PSTEC. I was able to guide him a bit on how to use it better, and now it's part of his toolbox for when he does his “homework”. That's just great!! :D I also mentioned to him I'd been thinking of using PSTEC with clients, but have had some conserns regarding language. In his opinion that would be no problem, and just go for it. So I probably will after getting a bit more experience with it myself.

          We're allso lucky to have this incredible resource available. Thanks again!


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Ellen,

            You're always welcome!

            Ah, yes, synchronicity is something that can keep us going, isn't it?

            It's important when we become bewildered not to give up and try to approach our problems with old habits… old habits that have never helped us.

            If you persist and do the work (play?) … follow the process … then you will have a breakthrough… you will see results.

            If you approach your issues with willingness (not willfullness) and a bit of surrender to what Tim talks about, then things will shift… and sometimes you get those nice synchronizations.

            Feeling safe while moving forward can be such a huge benefit and it's also a great indicator that there is little resistance.  When we feel unsafe, then we know there is something coming up to block our efforts and then we may just need to address that resistance in whatever form it comes in.

            In regards to using the CT if English is a second… or even third or fourth language… check out this post…
            … also, if you use the Search function (toward the top; the menu choices) and type in “language,” you will find other posts on that subject.

            Keep up the good work, Ellen, not only with your own personal work, but in helping others because I appreciate what you do… appreciate who you are!



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