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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Everyone,

      I've been using the click tracks pretty intently everyday to release issues for somewhere just under a week, and in that time I've been able to release literally hundreds of negative emotions and feelings that have been associated with particular memories and scenes.

      I've had great results releasing feelings of shock, trauma, abandonment and abuse; I've removed feelings of anxiety, and trepidation, and other forms of fear; I've released anger and resentment, frustration, and disgust; and basically, any emotion that just didn't feel good that was related to so many scenes that have come up and have accumulated over the years.

      One of the first things I noticed when I began using the Click Tracks was that feelings of Anxiety and Fear seem to be the quickest to respond, and the easiest to release. Most likely, this is because these feelings are just so easy to get drawn into and to focus on, and we don't really want to be feeling them at all anyway. We're ready to let go of them, and our mind is just trying to keep us safe, to protect us from harm. As soon as it realizes it's on high alert over something that isn't really even happening, it's like it says “Do'h… what was I thinking?” and is just so happy to move on to other things.

      While the emotions that seemed to take longest for me, were the memories with the emotional charges of Anger and Frustration. I tapped and tapped on some of these memories, and found that after three or four rounds they hadn't budged, and were still there, just as strong. Knowing the PSTEC tools were effective, having already experienced relief a number of times, I figured there was something that was different, and that I shouldn't expect PSTEC to do all the work. There had to be something I needed to be aware of as to why I was having these feelings and for them not budging and moved on to other things to work on and tap while my mind answered the question of why these particular feelings were so much harder for me to let go of and release.

      I soon had my answer as to the additional piece of the puzzle, and it came by getting in touch with the feelings themselves and why they were so strong –

      With Anger, I felt that in these situations I had been done wrong. I felt pain as the emotion inside, as far as how it affected me in my heart, and I felt justified in seeking out retribution. And that was the component right there that I had been looking for – I felt justified. There had been an injustice, and I had every right in the world to set about making things right in my “child's mind”, where this all came from. And as long as I felt I was right, I realized, I had no reason at all to let it go… not one little bit.

      With frustration, there was a component there as well. Again, I deserved whatever it was I felt frustration over, that it 'should have' been mine, that I 'could have' tried harder or gone about things a different way, that I hadn't been listened to or heard and somehow some way I would find a way to be heard someday, etc. In each case was this component that I would someday make things right, that I would gain redemption or prove myself right and achieve vindication; and as long as I felt this, again, I had no reason at all to let it go, and again, not one bit.

      So, knowing my mind wasn't trying at all to harm me or keep me from success, it's only concern being to protect me and keep me in safety, that it was always trying to be my best friend; I remembered a technique from my EFT training for dealing with what is referred to as “psychological reversals”, which is simply a way of saying “self-sabotage”. I began telling myself before tapping on these issues relating to frustration and anger this simple phrase which directly addressed this –

      “Even though I don't want to let this go, I fully and completely love and accept myself”.

      I repeated this over a few times and acknowledged that my subconscious mind did not want to let go of the feelings it felt that it had every right to, and by acknowledging it, my subconscious was once again feeling like it was understood, and that we were friends and it was far more easily brought over to my side.

      I repeated this phrase three or four times while tapping against the edge of my hand, or what is called in EFT the “karate chop point”. And after three or four times I noticed within me there was a very slight sense of acknowledgment, and this was accompanied by the very slightest of shifts.

      Then, I began playing the Basic Click Track #1 once again, and tapping on these issues that had feelings of frustration or anger associated with them. I found they responded much better, with each round of tapping reducing the charge, and just as with the issues relating to anxiety or fear, they too quickly lost their hold and I experienced significantly faster relief.

      So, there's some information and a technique I hope you find useful…
      It made quite a difference for me once I determined what the problem was, and began using it…
      I hope you find it works just as well for you and your situations that come up, speeding up your
      results and providing much faster relief…!

      Happy Click Tracking…!


      Interesting how you blend EFT and PSTEC! I wonder how many of us are doing that? I don't use EFT much anymore, although I did at the beginning.

      God's peace, Dixie

      Just for fun, try tapping on the collarbone points when doing your PSTEC tapping, and see what happens, though it's really not needed…

      Voiceover <"Remember children: don't try this at home.... these are professional actors with years of stunt training, and there's always an ambulance waiting nearby if anything should go wrong">

      Happy Click Tracking…! ;-)


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