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      Hi, I've just downloaded the free PSTEC click tracks.

      I currently have social anxiety. My main problem and what makes my social anxiety worse is a face twitch I get in my lips, whenever I am put on the spot/centre of attention. There are a number of situations it will happen like having my photo taken, being introduced to new people etc.

      It's now becoming an obsessive thought, because I am constantly fearing the face twitch occurring and being scared it will happen in situations. I also can't smile when having my photo taken, because I am so sure my face will twitch.

      The first time it happened I was teased, so think there is a strong emotional tie?

      Can anyone suggest how to use the Click track for this issue?


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha abda!

        When you assess an issue, do your best to segment emotions, beliefs and behaviors separately because addressing these three … as Tim calls them, 'The Law of Three' … are most effectively done with various PSTEC Tools.

        Now, you may have read many times that addressing the emotions first and then proceeding to address beliefs and behaviors is the best strategy and, in most cases, that is true.  In fact, many times, releasing the emotional aspects will help you shift your beliefs and behaviors “automatically.”  So, that's one great reason to move toward addressing emotions first.

        With that said … sometimes you must address the beliefs in the same sessions that you address the beliefs and/or it will be more effective and quicker.

        So, let's start with emotions… remember, when assessing, treat it like any assessment and write the problems down without thinking… let the emotions, memories, beliefs, thoughts, words, feelings come flowing from the subconscious and, then, sit back and assess what you have written because, in your writings, there are always clues…

        • makes my social anxiety worse is a face twitch I get in my lips
        • whenever I am put on the spot/centre of attention
        • having my photo taken
        • being introduced to new people
        • first time it happened I was teased
        • [/list]
          These memories and/or imagined events are all contributing to your anxiety.

          Begin by using the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's and/or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) to release more and more emotions/feelings around this.

          For example…

          Let's take #1 above… imagine your face twitching… imagine it happening right now (always be sure when you are assessing and delving into your mind, that you have an uninterrupted period of time, no distractions, no pressures and focus on what is coming up… focus on your world as you see it through your mind.  So, when you imagine this, how does that feel?  Rate it; 0-10.  Why does it bother you… what in particular?  Focus on that and rerate… does the rating rise?  This “why” question will let you delve a little deeper to the cause of the issue.

          Do NOT overthink this or get logical, just take what comes to your mind first.

          Now, take that specific imagined event, TRY HARD to feel the feeling (remember, it's not important to feel it, but to TRY HARD to feel it… although you may feel it, but if you don't, just TRY HARD) and run the CT/EEF/ATT and do your best to keep up with the clicks and tones.

          When done, rerate and CT more if needed.
          If other memories and thoughts come up, jot them down.

          Also, when it's down to 0-1, look at your thoughts that come up around this imagined event… what do you think about it.  Is there a difference in perception?  Most times there will be and that's because your beliefs and behavior may shift on their own when the emotions are released.

          But, for good measure, you can also address beliefs that you desire to think and feel about this subject… such as, on this one example, you can do some PSTEC Positive tracks (PP) like this (these are merely suggestions):

          “When I am out among other people my face is relaxed and at ease”

          “When I meet new people I am relaxed and at ease because it's fun”

          Here's one to address this belief that was in your post … “I also can't smile when having my photo taken, because I am so sure my face will twitch.” …

          “When someone takes my picture I will smile because people love happy pictures”

          “I enjoy the attention from others when they take my picture”

          Now, with PP statements, you may want to alter them a bit to “speak to you” specifically, but, if you do, be sure that you keep the sentences in accordance with Tim's instructions and recommendations on PP Statements.  “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive” (the tutorial with PP and also a part of Level 1) is a great place to start, but also PSTEC Positive Secrets, to me, is an essential!

          You may also have to use “softeners” on some of the statements above and “work your way up to absolutes in the statements.

          And, one more comment on PP, other “junk” may come up, both in terms of emotions and beliefs and that is great!  Welcome it!  Just jot them down and address emotions with CT/EEF/ATT and beliefs and behaviors with PP and also PP Extra Power.

          Malama Pono!

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