Fear of change gone!

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      I have tried many modalities, EFT, hypnosis, release technique, BSFF, etc. before with great financial success but I always lost it all. I have achieved a more than million worth of business, bought a Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc cash with other modalities. I am a kind of person who never give up until I get what I want. Every time I got what I want I lost it all. Obviously if I didn't lose it all I wouldn't be here.

      Something or some beliefs or feelings or events in the past were causing my subconscious mind to protect from wealth and success. I did basic click tracks with some noticeable success but there was something missing.

      So I realized I was afraid of the changes that will come with the changes. I downloaded Tim's embracing change hypnosis.

      Step 1: I did embracing change focusing on his voice as best as I can throughout the audio.
      Step 2: I imagined what is the worst thing that could happened to me if I really changed: Measured SUD and did the click tracks twice.

      I repeated step 1 and 2 thoroughly.

      I read a piece from Napoleon Hill's “Think And Grow Rich”  on the fear of poverty and then used click tracks on the fear of poverty and it was gone in one round. When I imagined myself being very poor I laughed and laughed. I couldn't believe it so I did the click tracks again but it was gone.

      The feeling of of hopelessness came up and I released it in one short. After that I felt I can release anything and everything. I was on top of the world in my mind. Now I know my fear of change is really gone. I am very grateful for this amazing audio.

      If you find yourself struggling with click tracks look at your fear of change because the change you want could be very scary to the subconscious mind. I hope this helps somebody.

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      Peter Bunyan
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        Hi Adamsss

        A big THANK YOU for for your telling us how you got on. Please keep us updated on any further progress or problems. This really helps others especially those only thinking about starting but have not yet started.


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          Where is the Fear of change hypnosis? I cannot see anything like that listed in the list of downloads.

          Jeff Harding
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              Thanks, Jeff. :)

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