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    Jeff Harding
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      A question was posed that I wish to share with everyone here that might be helpful:

      “This is something I've been struggling with since I found PSTEC…knowing *exactly* where you are on the 1-10 scale to see if you're getting progress. How is this done?  I've been reading about muscle testing lately … Is this an accurate way to test exactly where you are on the scale and to narrow done precisely how much results you are getting? … is this an accurate way to test? If not, anything better?”

      Well, first of all, let's talk about what PSTEC is all about from a “big picture” standpoint…

      PSTEC is Truly learning about yourself… your mind model and how it works so that you can make the changes necessary to Live Life Fully and to be open to Truth and Reality instead of the tortuous life many live or, at best, the mediocre and mundane existence the majority live…

      The words of Thoreau come to mind…

      “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

      So, to develop a mind model that supports a Life of J.E.E.P. rather than one of desperation, we must train or mentor the subconscious part of our mind that is in charge of constructing and maintaining that mind model.

      PSTEC is also about Trust.  Trust in yourself, trust in your Inner Resources to manifest an outer world of J.E.E.P. rather than depending, (or, let's be honest, just hoping) upon the outer world to give you J.E.E.P. inside…. i.e., PSTEC is about putting you in the driver's seat so to speak.

      Learn to Trust yourself… Trust your feelings… get to know the communication from within… this is done with practice, experience, experimentation… so, what's important is getting to know how you communicate best and finding out about Truth as it is communicated from within.

      Most are conditioned NOT to communicate and listen to the inner resources… again, PSTEC is about learning to Trust again.

      So, the method does not matter much, just the result… the result being Self Trust.

      Make Sense?

      Another great point is that we make things, most often, too complicated.  We think too much.

      You can invest time into more complicated forms of knowing yourself, like muscle testing, bio feedback machines, etc.  And, while I am not deriding those, they really are not necessary and the barriers to knowing your feelings without those methods are still pervasive using those methods as well.

      For example, when you tune into your feelings to get an idea about an emotional issue, as you said, “…knowing *exactly* where you are on the 1-10 scale…”; there are conscious and subconscious barriers that may not allow an accurate assessment.  Such as: the desire not to change, the belief that you can't change, etc.

      Those barriers can skew or influence the assessment using other methods as well.

      In fact, someone I know that uses muscle testing extensively in his practice, when asked about learning how to do it well said, “You have to practice this over and over again.  When you have practiced hundreds or even thousands of times, you will become more accurate, but never perfect.”

      I am going to allude once again to Thoreau since he gave us such a great quote above…

      “Simplify, Simplify!”

      Practice trusting your feelings and the first step to do this is in dropping the Critical Thinking that says, “How do I get an exact rating.”

      Success with PSTEC, in a large part, depends upon our ability to bypass the Critical Factor that protects your existing version of your mind model that keeps you “stuck.”  It's the logical part of the mind… the part that's looking for exactness and perfection… those two desires can be barriers.

      Ok, how can you get better… here are some practical suggestions:

      • Keep practicing while you trust that you will become better and better at assessing your feelings… and you will!
      • [/list]

      • When tuning into a memory or imagine event, slow it down if the feelings are not obvious… don't rush through the memory… stop the “tape” of the experience and examine specific details that “seem” as if they should be upsetting.  Ask yourself, if that happened today, would I be upset and try really hard to get the emotion to come up.
      • [/list]

      • When you tune into a memory like this, you are communicating with the subconscious that you are serious about feeling the feeling that is attached to it.
      • [/list]

      • Use PSTEC Positive (PP) to suggest to your sub that you are open to the feelings and the feelings help you to experience more joy in life.  Here are some examples of Positive Statements you can use with PP to feel the feelings and trust the feelings…
      • [/list]

      • I'd like to suggest that 3 PSTEC positives be used prior to use of the click tracks.
      • [/list]

        1. “When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”
        2. “I want to feel what happened when ………. so the click tracks will be able to quickly help me.”
        3. “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”
        4. [/list]
          Repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

          These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.

          • Look at the results in your experience of life.  In other words, find something specific in your life that you would like to manifest change and use that to gage your progress.  For example, listen in again to Meghan Saunders PSTEC Interview where she used a specific desire to gage her progress… a great step by step example of specific repatterning in desiring to manifest enjoyment while going to the danceclub.  Work on specific repatterning as Tim describes in How to Achieve Almost Anyting – The Easy Way.
          • [/list]

          • If you are really stuck, you may just need someone to help guide you in the process for a bit to sort out the emotions and thoughts before you can take the next step to trusting yourself.  So, take some time and find a PSTEC Practitioner to help you along, even if it's only once, that may be all you need, to get a feel for how to allow feelings to come through and how to assess them.  Check out the PSTEC Registry to find a practitioner.
          • [/list]Remember, always practice the following when doing PSTEC work as you practice your “self patience:”

            Self Awareness Witihout Self Kindness Is Self Abuse!

            Take care… keep clickin'… Aloha


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