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      my question is,

      to which degree is it possible to create characteristics from fictional or real people we project stuff into.

      for example.

      if I admire a fictional character from movies or pop culture such as Tony Stark (iron man).

      can I create characteristics that I project into him with PQT?

      for example:

      instead of using the statement:

      – “I am very confident”


      – “I am as confident and charismatic as tony stark”.


      “I am as adventurous as indiana jones”.

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Truman,

        Thanks for posting.

        Good question and, yes, this is entirely possible. Indeed, this is referenced somewhat in PSTEC Advanced Part 2 (

        It is really important, I feel, that you are content with yourself initially. In other words, ensure it is not an avoidance or escape strategy.

        Get really clear on why you want those particular characteristics (keeping in mind it's pure fiction in two of those examples) and, if they fit for you, you can mentally rehearse embodying them in various scenarios.

        Then you could see what it is you like about those characteristics and layer in specific suggestions like:

        – “I am completely comfortable with who I am”
        – “No matter what anyone says, I remain unflappable”
        – “I have a sense of adventure that draws people in”
        – “I now notice all the ways people are drawn to me”

        – “I have all the skills to be magnetic like Tony Stark”
        – “It makes sense to act like my heroes sometimes”

        Or whatever you want to create…

        Those are just examples, of course, and I am sure you can come up with better, and more personally meaningful ones.

        Feel free to experiment and innovate too, and let us know how it plays out.

        Paul  :)

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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        PSTEC User

          great advice paul.

          thank you, that makes much more sense.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Further to what Paul has offered.

            Write down the 5-7 traits that you feel best/most strongly about Tony Stark.



            Then write a suggestion for each.

            I really do find myself invincible just like Tony Stark now
            I become even more heroic than Tony Stark every day
            From this point forward I'm now just as brave as Tony Stark
            There's something really mysterious about me in a Tony Stark way
            I really do have all the attractive qualities of Tony Stark now


            I really do know I'm a very smart person now

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