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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Changing core beliefs can immediately change your life. There are many ways to approach using Belief Blasters and PSTEC as a whole to remove negative core beliefs. The best way is to work with a PSTEC practitioner to help you drill to your specific problems and desire for change with precision.

      Alternatively, self-help is one of the intentions and benefits of the PSTEC toolset. Here is one “do it yourself” approach to more freedom using PSTEC Belief Blasters.

      The best way to describe this approach is to imagine yourself in a redwood forest (your reality) and you are surrounded by brush and bushy 20' trees. These represent all of your small to medium size limiting beliefs. Many of them are common negative core beliefs, some of them are a kind of big deal, and some of them are rather insignificant though when you combine several of these negative beliefs together they can be a really big deal.

      All of this brush is restricting you from easily moving around in the forest in a free way from where you are presently. The taller bushy trees keep you from being able to see the obvious giant redwoods up above. These redwoods represent your biggest and deepest limiting core beliefs. Removing just one of these redwoods can instantly change your life in a way you can't imagine right now and cannot be explained. It can only be experienced.

      Once you have experienced the radical change and profound before and after you will naturally want to remove others that you will now be able to see in your redwood forest that you could not see before.

      Because Belief Blasters is so ingenious, effortless to use, and works so quickly, here is a simple 3 step DIY approach that works. It allows you to:

      1.) Get started – Minimal to no “thinking” or “over-analyzing”
      2.) Experience the life-changing before and after benefits of Belief Blaster almost immediately
      3.) Become aware enough to quickly realize and self-identify your biggest “redwoods”
      4.) Get more mentally and emotionally free every day in leaps and bounds
      5.) Keep going

      Step 1 – Create your common list of beliefs – Time spent = 1 hour

      The purpose of this is to spend about one hour preparing for what you will blast. All you have to do is Google “core belief list” “limiting belief examples” “negative belief list” or something similar. The Google results will provide you extensive lists of common core beliefs from various sources. Please keep in mind that core/limiting/negative beliefs are always specific to the individual though you will find a lot of these common ones in yourself What you will want to do is combine a few of these large raw lists to give you an extensive first round list to create an “inventory” of beliefs from that generic list ring true to you.

      Step 2 – Take your self-inventory = Time spent = <30 minutes MAX

      Go through the rest of your list and think about every belief on the list. If you have ever thought, felt or said any of these EVER in the course of your life, put a checkmark next to it. Even if you don't feel like you really believe it's true anymore or you once did and think you are past it, put a checkmark next to it anyway. Don't spend a lot of time on this. Just do it and get it done. I suspect at this point you will have a nice list. (It could even be in upwards of 100+ common beliefs for many people.) Going through this list you may also think of others. Add those to your list. Add this list to the top of your list, put a checkmark next to them all and do those first:  Then look at the entire list of those you put a checkmark next to and place a plus mark + next to the handful or so beliefs you believe to be really strong in you.

      Step 3 – Make your daily time commitment and blast away

      A good commitment to start with is 30 minutes a day. You can take your list and do three beliefs a day using the 10 minute tracks alternating between the two. On the ones you put the + mark next to, hit them with the 18 minute track. In one month's time you will have completed roughly 90 beliefs.

      Once you see how 3 beliefs a day affects you over the course of a few days you may be able to ramp that up to an hour a day which would be 5-6 beliefs a day @ 10 minutes or 150+ beliefs in a month. There can be some intense emotional release with these and if you have anxiety or don't know you have anxiety, it can exasperate it so it's best to start slow and ramp up if you feel comfortable to do so.

      The 10 minute track is very powerful. What is most important here is that you try as hard as you possibly can to believe the past tense version of the belief is true. The harder you try the more effective the track will be and the faster it will clear. Really try hard. As hard as you can!

      It's also equally important that you keep moving, don't get hung up, keep going forward on your list! When you do your beliefs, break them across your day, maybe one or two in the morning, one or two in the afternoon and one or two at night. This allows your mind to recuperate between blasts and also sneak one in here and there throughout your day rather than one big block. When you have 10 minutes do a blast here and there. Also do not get hung up on if the belief is completely gone. A better suggestion would be to listen to the relaxing accelerator at bedtime which adds a load of power on top of the blast making it much more effective.

      Check your blasts a week later and see where they sit with you. Chances are they will be gone. If they are not, give them another blast.

      I have found really big beliefs like “There's something wrong with me” or “I am a victim” (redwoods) can take 2-3 plays of the 18 minute track. Another trick to keep you moving is if at the end of the 10 minute track it's not completely gone, switch to the 18 minute track and start it at the 10 minute mark and play the last 8 minutes as you continue with that belief. You can also write it down and just blast it again.

      Once you have worked your way through this initial list, revisit the list to see if any still ring true and also if any you didn't check off the first round may now be suspect to blasting due to your newfound level of self-awareness.

      What to expect as a result.

      When you take this approach you are moving forward all the time. What you are going to do here is remove all of the brush and those smaller trees. You will experience either:

      a.) You may remove a handful of closely related beliefs that underpin a larger belief (redwood) and it will collapse (fall) and be gone.


      b.) You will remove a load of brush and smaller trees. Suddenly you will start to see bigger things in yourself (redwoods) much more clearly as you are becoming more free and aware. You will suddenly have these ah-ha moments of major patterns with feelings that are running in your model of reality.

      One example for me was all my life I always had these thought in my mind of everything being temporary and disposable. Never thought much of it. Nothing ever seemed to be permanent, even my home did not seem permanent. My family never put clothes away, they would be right outside the closet but not put in the closet. Why? This was all conditioning from being through a divorce as a kid and being in two different homes. Very common. It created a wacky perception in my model of reality and it all tied to the beliefs that “I am temporary” and “I am disposable”. I had this my whole life and never realized how pronounced this was and also in my spouse. It's so big and familiar I could not see it in myself.

      Another example: I cleared a belief “i didn't fit in” which had a slight, nearly insignificant emotional charge on it nothing major. While I was doing this belief the beliefs popped into my head out of nowhere “I don't belong” “I am a problem” “I am trouble” they just appeared clear as day as if the subconscious was suggesting it to me. This is one more reason to listen to the relaxing accelerators as they also stimulate recall. All three were massive beliefs. So the more brush and smaller trees you cut down the more redwoods you can suddenly see in yourself that are not on that list and specific to you. This is when you will see the big redwood belief(s) you can blast next that will instantly result in massive shifts and freedom from negative thoughts and feelings.

      You will also self-learn how to self-identify beliefs based on what you are thinking and feeling because you will become more familiar and then intimate with how beliefs, thoughts and feelings work together as you realize and remove them. With each one you take out you will become more attuned to what is going on in you and what your thinking and feeling of what's going on “out there” is really what is going on in you and what you believe about yourself. An example of this would be “this girls doesnt seem interested in me” well it's not that she isn't interested in you, it's that you don't believe you are interesting. You cannot mind read or know what another person is thinking and feeling so therefore it is all 100% in you. There is no “out-there”. YOu will become very trained in this the more you change your mind model.

      Of course this can all be bypassed by working directly with a PSTEC practitioner who can help you create a personalized and focused list which will save you a massive amount of time. But hey, time is nothing but a belief anyway. Why do you believe you don't have enough time? :)


      PSTEC User

        Brian – this is a FANTASTIC guide here thank you so much.

        Quick question…how much is it necessarily to install positive ones after blasting vs. just blasting and then living life?

        I've been doing both of course, but was curious as to your take on things.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Tim says it's not really necessary. Jeff suggests to do it.

          I would say it only can make it x times more powerful.

          I would suggest PSTEC Extra Positive.

          Shailen Patel
          PSTEC User

            Thanks very much for this Brian!

            Frances Ponick
            PSTEC User

              Hi, Brian,

              I check in to the forum almost every day. If there are no new posts, I look around for old ones I haven't read yet. Today I found a bunch from you from a couple of years in which you shared details about how you used PSTEC to give yourself freedom. WOW!

              I can't thank you enough for the level of effort and detail you put into them. I learned so much from you about patience and persistence. Not only that, but you have saved me time by sharing your experiences and what you might do differently along the way if you were starting again.

              The reason I didn't start a new thread even though this one is over 120 days old is because I want it to rise to the top again. People new to the forum who may be wondering and exploring as I am could really benefit from your day-by-day, in-the-trenches posts.

              I really appreciate the points of view I've read from Paul as a therapist and you as a practitioner. You inspire me to keep digging and to share what I find—I'm used to digging, but the sharing part is new :-X !

              Best regards,


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