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      Hey mods –

      If PSTEC can help heal bodily things…can it help with something like make pattern baldness to stop hairloss and regrow hair??

      I imagine it can but wondering the best route….

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Danny,

        No PSTEC product comes with any guarantees about resolving physical issues, or inherited conditions and there are certain ethical and legal restrictions about what can be claimed. That said, there are great ways to use PSTEC to get great physical benefits and this is due to the mind/body connection. Resolving anger and stress, for instance, can “knock out” a lot of unwanted side effects.

        You can experiment with PSTEC Positive and layer in suggestions about such things as Male Pattern Baldness, or anything else for that matter. You can also use PSTEC Negative or the Belief Blasters to eliminate any negative beliefs you have about phsyical ailments or baldness.

        You can approach this in different ways. You could suggest the opposite, or you could make peace with reality. Personally, I recommend making peace with reality – whether that is hair loss, or a physical ailment. This does not mean you do not desire something different, or that you give up. However, accepting “what is” (at least while “it is”) can be very freeing and actually open you up to new possibilities.

        If someone is losing their hair, being “bothered” or upset by this means they are giving a negative meaning to this. Someone else might not even give it a second thought, see it as an amusing development or simply be absolutely fine. It can be a trauma, or just “one of those things.” Yet men the world over shave their head without even a hint of baldness being on their horizon – so, “bald is bad” is certainly not an objective truth.


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        PSTEC User

          thanks Paul!! I totally see what you are meaning there…and I will do that type of acceptance work with your suggestion.

          also I want to bring up that I also see that accepting baldness and working to no be bald are not mutually exclusive either…as I am learning that baldness could be a sign of not optimal health and also epigenetic…I believe I have found a protocol that works on the physical level but it is a lot of work…

          I am also looking at this as with the story of Tim and his wife with her liver too…if they can do that why not this…just about creating experiences in life on the level of having them…I can see both sides of it..and why not both as long as it is fun???

          hope that makes sense where I am coming from here….

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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