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      I have several pills I take, the larger ones are the “00” size capsules and the smaller ones are “0.” The smaller ones, I have no problem with. But a few of my meds it is much more expensive to get them in a smaller size.

      When I take the larger 00 capsules, my gag reflex gets in the way and I end up drinking lots of water with it, and tapping on my chest seems to help me not to focus on the process.

      Is there a way to help make this easier with PSTEC? I have positive and negative and 2015 and advanced, hopefully everything I need.


      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi  bodycodehealer

        This not a phobia so it is not so easy to identify a fear to CT,  but try and relive swallowing one of those  meds, could it be a fear of choking, pain or discomfort while it goes down? Fear of some known or unknown side effects?  Do they taste disgusting?

        What do you think could be the worst possible outcome from taking these meds? Imagine this happening and CT that.

        Devise a positive statement to the effect of “I can relax before taking those large capsules”. The  moments just before swallowing are what you aiming for.

        Hope this has given you a few clues.


        PSTEC User

          Hi Peter,

          I just ran a PSTEC Positive on “I can relax before taking large pills” and it really worked. Pretty amazing actually, I have to thank you. To prove it, I took 9 large fish oil capsules in a row (For me, the fish oil is something that can ease a migraine if I take a mega dose), Again, can't thank you enough it worked instantly! Will update if it stops working.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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