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    carole raffinetti
    PSTEC User

      Something really special Tim developed is the non tapping PP track that requires the user to recall a memory and to relive it while playing the track.
      We can get so preoccupied with the negative experiences of life, that we forget our lives also contain great memories.
      When I first did the PP non tapping I just relived the walk I do daily with the dogs. Then I thought about all the great places I went to when I was hiking and I started to recall various experiences and found that the PP process enhanced the memories, and facilitated the recall of details long forgotten.
      The bite sized time frame can be slowed down or speeded up to allow the installation of new beliefs while at the same time reliving the most important experiences of our lives, not just holiday or travel experiences but any of the wonderful memories which make up a life.
      What makes it even better is that one does not to have to be attached to an MP3 or a computer. I use the technique when I get to the top of the hill the dogs and I walk daily, sitting on a bench overlooking the stunning view.
      I have also found that spontaneous memories spring to mind – all of them good to wonderful. In fact many more than I have limited beliefs to match them with. They come, are felt, enjoyed, and then pass on. What we used to call ‘windfall learning’ in training. What is special for me is that, as I don’t live in the past, unlike my hiking partner who constantly takes out the photos, the diaries, the mementos, I had ‘lost’ these memories. I think PP has given me back my history in the most positive manner and in technicolour as my visualisation abilities have also vastly improved.
      I have posted this as maybe others may benefit from the enrichment.

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