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      The first to apologize to the poor knowledge of English … this is with Help Google translator:

      I tried it and I am satisfied … when someone has anxiety neurosis , practically is afraid of everything … someone ” travel somewhere view ” I already have in my head a black scenario: ” I'll crash or drown it ” and so on. How and what to mold PSTEC for that event ? it is easy for such a phobia dogs, of this is difficult to do, because I can not tell, whether it is fear of death or what …It is very difficult.You imagine that neurosis as a dragon with nine heads ? Do you have any advice?

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        If you are afraid of dogs CT the emotions of being around a dog

        CT anxiety, fear, nervousness etc

        Then also CT the after effect. The dog biting you and or killing you. CT how death makes you feel. Every possible horrible experience you can think of pertaining to death and dogs or any animal you are afraid of.

        Then you follow up with positive suggestions

        I am fearless of death
        When I am around dogs I am calm and relaxed
        Dogs are friendly around me
        I can begin to trust myself around dogs


        Things like this should work

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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