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      Hi Everyone

      I just came across PSTEC. I got the beginner package and now I am planning to buy the level 1.

      I am getting married in two months and I am so so scared and anxious!
      I always have been the sort who gets very scared at change. I wake up shaking and in panic each morning when there is a big change in my life ahead of me.

      The axiety leads me to feel so phobic for instance I always feel I need air. I hate going into malls and supermarkets as I feel dizzy! The anxiety then leads me on to low appetite which makes me weak..then that worries me too since I was sick and weak 5 years ago and since have felt m body isnt strong enough. Funny thing is Iv done all tge tests and doctors tell me I am fine! It's all in my head!

      I fear I'll feel lonely after that I will not be with my parents anymore. They understand my anxiety however I am not sure my inlaws will…
      I love my finacee…. I want this to be a happy time in my life.. but im starting to look all stressed and feel horrible!

      I started working last year after finishing university…again it seemed like a big change. I could not handle it…and finally gave in to anti anxiety meds. I stopped my medication in Novemeber because I don;t want to be on drugs anymore… I just want my life back.

      In phases (which happens not very often now!) when I don;t have anxiety bouts I am a confident happy person.. its like Im someone else… but somehow the anwiety keeps coming back and I want it over onve and for all. I am tired of fighting it!

      I started the CT and imagined my wedding… I get scared with all the attention I may feel dizzy or too hot and pass out! I still feel fearful of this…. I'm really confused about what exactly I should be clicking about?? I feel like theres so much baggage and so many different situations I dont even know where to start!!

      Thank you for any advice!

      Love and light.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha BlueBliss,The long term solution for the issues you are experiencing is persistence and consistency.  You have integrated panic and anxiety as a “definition” of how you respond and it's mainly because you have defined yourself as either not able to handle the situation or unsure if you can handle it.  So, in Tim's metaphor, you must spend whatever time and effort that is necessary to “tip the scales” and get past the tipping point to permanent change.Now, when I say “you”; I am referring to your subconscious and much of your self-definition began when you were young so be sure to be open when those old memories surface as you do more of your PSTEC work.Anxiety and panic attacks involve both the emotional aspects and beliefs and behaviors as well.With most issues of panic attacks and anxiety, use of the Click Tracks (CT) are, of course, necessary for the emotional issues, but PSTEC Positive (PP) is also an essential for the beliefs and behaviors.For example … here is an emotional issue to CT:“I am getting married in two months and I am so so scared and anxious!”You said you have CT'ed that future event, but if the fear is not moving at all, then there is some error in how you are using PSTEC and it's something quite difficult to assess in the forum without more info and questioning. And here is a belief that can be handled with PP:“I always have been the sort who gets very scared at change.”Now, it can seem a bit complex in that a statement can be seen to have both emotional and belief components at hand and so the use of the CT's and PP may be in order:“I was sick and weak 5 years ago and since have felt m body isnt strong enough”and“I fear I'll feel lonely after marriage”Do you see the emotional and beliefs aspects there?So, when symptoms seem to return, one possibility is that the beliefs are not handled and can then perpetuate the “return” of the emotional suffering.My recommendations are:

        • Immerse yourself more into the PSTEC Tools and Concepts … Level 1, as you mentioned, is a great place to start after using the free Basic Package.

        • Also, look at the short tutorial in the free Basic Package on using the CT's for panic attacks and follow Tim’s suggestions very precisely and apply persistence and consistency using those techniques.

        • Be relentless in using the CT's on ANY feelings that are not J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace).  This includes:
          * Any past panic attack experiences,
          * Imagined future events that cause anxiety,
          * Events of failure in your life.

          Until the panic and anxiety are gone or significantly decreased, the CT's should be your best friend.

        • [/list]Here are some examples from your email of finding some emotional issues in more specificity:

        • I always have been the sort who gets very scared at change…. write down examples of when you were scared of change in the past; what happened, how do you feel?  Look to CT these memories.
        • I hate going into malls and supermarkets … when did this start bothering you?
        • [/list]But, I see you have a short term issue… the wedding … and also, you have some confusion about the anxiety issues as many people do.  It's not that PSTEC does not work, but the issue is that applying the proper tool for the appropriate issue (and also being done correctly), quite often, is the barrier.

        • So, working with a practitioner to at least get you moving on the right track with the anxiety issues would probably be best while at the same time focusing on shifting your emotional state and belief system enough so that you can enjoy your wedding and more importantly the years to follow with your partner.

          If you feel stuck, it's always wise to get help.  Check out the PSTEC Register.

        • [/list]If the wedding has much meaning to you, it just might be worth the investment because, after all, wedding or not, you are worth it!
          Aloha nui!

        PSTEC User


          I just purchased the advanced part 2 before the price increase, but have not purchased the foundation yet. I am confused as to the sequence of what to get.

          Thanks for the assistance,

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator
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