How Many Times do I use PSTEC Positive with a particular statement?

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      I received this question in an email …

      “When I use PSTEC positive should run the session more than once (like with the free Click Tracks) or is it enough to do it just one time? In other words what is the optimal number of times to do PSTEC positive statement?”

      Here's the actual answer: It depends  :D
      Ok, I will expand a bit on that…

      Let me first address part of this question that says, '…should run the session more than once (like with the free Click Tracks)…'

      You don't necessarily have to run the Click Tracks (CT) on an emotional issue more than once.  I have worked with countless people who CT a particular memory only once and it's clear… it's down to 0-1.  But, you may have to do it more than once and your measure is how you rate the emotional intensity afterward.  But, when the intensity is not dropping at all after running the CT more than once, consider how you are targeting the CT and be sure you are following Tim's instructions literally.

      Ok, onto PSTEC Positive (PP)…

      With PP, it's not quite as clear when you don't need to run it anymore, but here are some guidelines:

      Prior to running PP on a particular statement or suggestion, rate how “believable” it is … how confident you feel or know you are about the subject.  Let's say you sit at a “7” of confidence or believeability on a scale of 0-10 where “10” is absolute confidence with no doubts!

      After you run PP on that statement, let's say it rises to a “10”; then you will “feel” the confidence and may not need to run it again.

      You see, how many times to run it, depends entirely upon you and how you feel about that statement.

      Another way to determine how many times is when that statement is a “sure thing” in your mind, you will just KNOW that you don't need to run PP on that any longer.  You may look at the statement, in effect, and say to yourself, “Well, of course that's true… Duh!”  ;D  In other words, you will have a “knowing” that you don't need that statement… that it is surely a part of your mind model.

      Take for example, the statement, “The sky is blue” … when you look at that statement, do you feel you need to suggest it to your subconscious mind or do you look at that statement and have a “knowing” that it's already true in your mind?

      You look for that certainty in your BEing… in your mind model.

      Now, here's a bonus suggestion…

      When you work with a particular suggestion, don't stop there.

      Let's say you are using PP on a statement that says…
      “When I get on stage I am calm and confident”

      Suppose you are absolutely a “10” in belief on that… maybe even a “25!”  ;D
      (it reminded me of many people when they rate an unpleasant emotion they sometimes say it's a 25!  Really high!  So, let's use those extreme perceptions in the other direction! )

      Moving along…

      Maybe you will be not just more positive on that original PP Statement, but expand it a bit, something like this…
      “When I get on stage I am dynamic and full of energy”

      So, you can expand that to other characteristics or expand on the vision of who and what you are in particular situations and also in terms of your general persona.

      Malama Pono!

      PSTEC User

        Hi Jeff,
        Last time after I used PSTEC positive on one statement I was very tired. I felt that is enough. Is it always like that? I mean, that tiredness?

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Difficult to say because it could depend upon other factors either related or even unrelated, i.e. being tired already, other issues arise or are prevalent, or could be emotions springing up.

          After you run the PP Statement and become tired, how do you feel about the PP Statement you worked on?  What emotion do you carry from the PP session on that PP Statement?


          PSTEC User

            I was working on this statement:
            When I remember how my mother treated me I feel empowered to move beyond those feelings and thoughts.
            Last time I used PP on this statement I felt I am tired and later during day like some mosaic in my head was gradually revealed and I had “aha!” moment. I realized how my mother was treated me and how was that influenced on my life etc.

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hey Bob… that's a bit complicated, has more than one thought and also is “fluffy” in terms of definitions.

              When I remember how my mother treated me I feel empowered to move beyond those feelings and thoughts.

              You have two basic thoughts or directives here:
              I feel empowered
              to move beyond those feelings and thoughts

              There are definition issues:
              How did she treat you?
              What does moving beyond those feelings and thoughts mean?

              Look at the overall sentence from a third part perception.  Imagine that you are a small child.  Remember, you are making suggestions to the subconscious so you want to be crafting sentences that are more simple.  Your sentence would be a more adult expression and you want to make these simple.

              But, I would break this down a bit more first.

              Let's address two issues I see here:

              First, is that your mother's treatment affects you in a certain way.

              *So, CT the emotions if they are there regarding her treatment.
              *Then, craft PP Statements regarding how you wish to perceive that.  Without details, it may be difficult here, but let's say she criticized you for not going to college but you went to a trade school instead; you might do this:

              “Other people's opinions have no affect on me”
              or, specifically…
              “My mother's opinions of me have no affect”

              And, then a follow up…

              “I love going to trade school because I know what is best for my life”

              … or something like that.  Again, depends upon the specific issues.  It's usually best to address them specifically and simply.  When our definitions are too “fluffy” (meaning, not well defined and loosey-goosey), then it's difficult for the sub to grasp onto and it will probably get thrown out.

              Make sense?


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