How to deal with Negative Beliefs?

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      So I had some success but now I am really confused.  The click tracks are supposed to be for negative memories/emotions and then PSTEC Positive is supposed to be instilling new positive beliefs.  But what if you have negative beliefs?

      I am trying to rid myself of some limiting beliefs and I'm not sure how to go about it.  Because I've done so much EFT on them already I don't really have any emotions attached to them and not all of them have an associated memory or at least not one big traumatic one.

      For instance, I have a belief that I can't lose weight, my body wants to be fat, etc.  I tried the click tracks on just the frustration surrounding the belief but I didn't know how to keep it in mind other than to keep saying those words- but we aren't supposed to be repeating words during the click tracks!

      So how do I go about removing these limiting negative beliefs?

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi hillocopter
        The negative beliefs are not removed as such but replaced with or overwritten by new opposing positive beliefs, so you are really gaining not losing.The new positive is repeated until it totally out weighs the old which will then fade away and have no power.
        Back to the Click Tracks for a moment. Try to imagine yourself at your ideal shape and weight, now what feelings come up that stop you realising this goal. You want it, but what small negative thoughts at the back of your mind surface , or that small tiny voice which says “it would be nice but….” what follows the “but”? These are the feelings to CT.
        A good place to start with positive statements might be one that goes “PSTEC might be able to help me achieve my ideal shape/weight” the next session PSTEC can help me achieve my ideal shape and weight” and the next ” PSTEC will be able to help me look fantastic” Use your choice of words but see how they progress from possibles to absolute positive in a number of steps, getting more and more believable, add a time to the statement like “from now on…” to make them more powerful.
        For more information about crafting good powerful positive statements this tutorial PSTEC Positive Secrets is over 2 hours of audio full of great advice.
        Let us know how you get on

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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