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      I realize this area of the board doesn't get a lot of traffic, but my question belongs here so I'm hoping it will get noticed sooner or later.  ;)

      I have a goal to cut sugar and candy out of my diet and I have been trying for the past few hours to figure out a way to put that in a positive statement, but so far no luck.

      What I want to say (because it is what I want to be true) is:  I have finally stopped eating candy and sweets!

      And every time I try to re-frame that into a positive statement it gets more generalized and moves away from the specific goal.

      (ie I eat only healthy, nutritious food.)

      Which is the ultimate goal of course, but I was hoping to accomplish the eliminating sugars as an initial step.

      Any ideas?

      Also, I do have the PSTEC weight loss tracks and noticed that a couple of the 5 Golden Statements had what I consider to be negatives in them – “I stop eating quickly now because I hated eating so much” – which makes me wonder if it would be ok to just go with my original statement of “I have finally stopped eating candy and sweets”.

      Thanks so much for this wonderful technique and all the help given in this forum.


      Elizabeth Hogon
      PSTEC User

        Hi Julie

        It's great to see you working on removing sugars from your diet – the research is increasingly showing them to be very influential in the obesity epidemic.

        Firstly I would suggest you work on the emotional pull that sugar has for you before attempting to use Positive statements. It's easy to do – just imagine the candy/chocolate etc and get the desire for it as high as you can. Make a note of the number out of 10 that you desire it. Then run the click track on that desire. Please note that when you're running the click track you are feeling the desire… don't change that feeling into anything negative or else it won't work. (Food cravings are different than traumas – the desire feels very positive so it can be confusing. Just remember that although it FEELS positive this food will actually make you fat and sick so it is negative… does that make sense?)

        Run the click track until the desire has come down to zero.

        Then use the Positives. You will probably find that the statement 'I eat only healthy nutritious food' feels perfect.

        Hope that helps.


        PSTEC User

          Hi Liz,

          Thanks so much for answering.

          I realized after reading your reply that I was combining PSTEC with EFT and that's why I was trying to come up with a positive statement, but you were absolutely right in your response – that I should clear the negative feelings before going to the positive.

          It's taken me a while to answer because I wanted to get some more experience with PSTEC and while I don't have a TON of experience yet, I have been using it at least every couple of days and the more I use it the more empowered I feel and the more hope I have that my days of struggling are coming to an end.

          I've only just started using the click tracks on the food issues because at first I've been clearing all the negative emotions that are right here, right now – overwhelming me on a day to day basis such as fears of not finding a job, anxiety, bitterness towards my last job, dread of the day etc, etc.

          I'm 51 years old and I've lived most of my life just toughing it out, doing what I had to do, but waking most days wondering what the point of it all was.  (And as I wrote that I felt those negative emotions come up and realized that I haven't cleared that yet so that's next on my list!)

          The point is, instead of forcing my way through the day, I can now DO something about it.  I can't even quite comprehend yet that I have found this and it is real and that I'm not dreaming.

          I hope I can some day meet Tim in person and thank him from the bottom of my heart for creating this and then giving it to the world.  I have no doubt that PSTEC can change the world because it has/is changing mine.  Thanks to all of you who work so hard with Tim to help those of us trying to use PSTEC.  You have my deepest gratitude!

          Elizabeth Hogon
          PSTEC User

            Hi Julie

            I totally agree :-)

            It's an amazing process indeed and and I still sit in awe watching clients free themselves of issues in an incredibly short time that have been with them for years and years.

            Keep up the good work. As you drop more and more old limiting issues you'll just feel consistently better.

            Keep us posted and good luck!


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