How to Handle Panic and Anxiety with PSTEC

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Everyone

      I had a panic attack about 2 months ago. Ever since then my anxiety has been through the roof and i'm afraid to be alone, drive or go out in public.

      I have always had high anxiety but i think it finally just turned into a panic attack.

      The real fear  I have is the fear of having another panic attack and that's what I believe is causing me a lot of these problems.

      Now I have tried the click track 1 time for 2 plays and I did feel some intensity while playing it and I havn't done anymore since and I'm here for some advice.

      I am one of those people who think way too much I'm afraid that the click tracks may somehow make the panic and anxiety worse or that it won't work on the issue i need it to.

      Now, if I play the click tracks and think about previous panic attacks I had will it eventually erase the panic along with the fears I have developed (because I believe those fears are a result of the panic attacks, fear of having another attack).
      Because the anxiety I'm sure is a part of the equation, will focusing on the panic attacks help clear away some of the anxiety or will i have to deal with the anxiety as a separate issue.

      I know this is long but finally I know in the instructions that dealing with panic attacks may take some time but say if I played the tracks 3 times a day will the panic resolve in a short time (ie. a few weeks).

      Thanks a lot I appreciate any advice I can get.


      Hello Andrew!

      Just do click tracking. Be kind to yourself and expect the very best.

      If you play the tracks 3 times a day about 6-7 days a week your problem WILL disappear.

      Just focus the right things and follow instructions correctly.

      I currently have almost identical problem even thought it has been there about one year now, huh. Read my topic from agoraphobia. Since writing that, things have already get better I have done CT:s now about 25 times for anxiety and panic. Also I have done little bit work around the beliefs which I think have led me to problem at the first place.

      What I suggest is that:

      1. Lot of CT (because I know this is nasty problem, what just have to deal with one way or another)
      2. Work especially with the memory of first panic attack(s). (in my case when I did CT to this, feelings didn´t went over the top so I allowed myself feel the feelings also. example what hell is happening) And I thought that was ok.
      3. Ask yourself what are the beliefs and thought processes which causes anxiety and release them because they are not exactly helpful. I don´t mean “fear of fear” but beliefs which lead to your past history. Follow you intuition.
      4. Use both raw power(CT many many times) and intelligence(carefully selected memories,feelings, beliefs).
      5. Do also little bit clearance if there were other emotionally strong situations two months ago.

      Okey you said you are afraid that CT will make panic and anxiety worse. It won´t. One minute after CT your are already thinking and doing other things.


      “If you play the tracks 3 times a day about 6-7 days a week your problem WILL disappear.”

      Few weeks like that at the maximum and the anxiety level have reduced enormously or disappeared altogether.

      It is very much likely it will take less time and effort. But it is wise to prepare to do all what it takes. Take -We either find a way or make one- attitude.

      Merry Christmas! And keep us informed of your progress. You will make it soon! :)

      Thanks a lot for the kind words and encouragement. I will take your advice and get on this and hopefully if I stay on it the problems will resolve within a few weeks and I'll be back to normal.

      I'll keep you updated and I hope your coming along well too.

      Merry Christmas


      I do have one more question.

      Will these phobias I developed go away by focusing on the panic attacks or should i focus on them separatley to resolve them?

      Thanks a lot

      I´m not sure what you mean by phobia this time. But I suggest that keep your main focus around the panic attack but still work with your phobias same time.

      I´f you meant “fear of fear” that will automatically drop when you get enough good experiences being at the places/situations where you have used to feel anxious.

      And you will suddenly start having these good experiences again when you have dealt root causes.

      Personally I have made big step in this week. Having been in situations where I have(since panic attack) used to feel quite anxious. Example being in shopping mall alone, driving on the high way my car full of people(not so dangerous as it can sound ;) ) and one day in soccer tournament almost without thinking anxiety. And lots of other smaller things.When I went these situations I had “fear of fear” but it just hadn´t as much leverage as it had before.

      There were still some anxious moments this week and I´m not sure what will happen in more challenging situations but still it is starting to get better. YES!!!!!!!
      Problem reduced about 95% – 40% = 55% If I have to put it in numbers and it is a big step. That without any pills or medicine. It´s really something. :)

      Take your time but do the work. Every time you do CT your are wiser in which things you need to deal with.

      Meghan Saunders
      PSTEC User

        Jussi — yeah!!!  Good news on your progress.  It was this way for me too — I started feeling better in places I used to feel uncomfortable — with more clicking — I not only felt better being in public — but started feeling more comfortable in my skin as well — and as I started to feel more comfortable in my skin — I started to feel more comfortable in crowds of people…. and it keeps getting better.  I do hit snags from time to time — but the over-all results are very high!

        So Good to hear about your successes and progress!  YEAH!!!!!!!

        Meghan Saunders

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Congratulations, Jussi! Good work!

          God's peace, Dixie

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