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    Johnny Carlsen
    PSTEC User

      Hi everybody

      I have used PSTEC for about one year. I think it has worked a little bit, but  I'm not close to level 0 for important issues. I have informed a lot of my friends about PSTEC, and they have experienced success :) .

      I'm using the free CT, Level 1 and Accelerator.

      I have tried a lot of different methods like EFT, TFT, TAT, hyphnosis etc. I have even had a consultation with Roger Callahan without much success :) . I'm trying to live my life after the rule – winners never quit, and quitters never win, so I wan't give up PSTEC before I have tried everything. I have a feeling that PSTEC sooner or later will be the answer…
      I have tried to find some specific information about how to tap without success, so I have a few questions.

      Do you have to sit when you are tapping, or can you lie down?

      Should we tap with the fingertips, or should we use the palm?

      Can we tap on our lap when we are sitting?

      Best regards


      Meghan Saunders
      PSTEC User

        Hello Johnny –

        Good to hear you are very interested in continuing your pursuit to win!

        I believe being comfortable is important.  A person can either sit or lay down to do the click tracks – – your body position will not effect the process.

        The tapping with fingertips or palms on your legs, lap, stomach, sides or a cushion also do not matter.  This part of PSTEC work does not have to be precise – just TRY to use the correct hands at the right time – following Tim's instructions. 

        What is most important for PSTEC is TRYING to connect with the upset, uncomfortable or unwanted feelings from the past, memories, experiences or future imagined events that a person may fear.  Connect with the feeling it causes inside.

        Come to a click track session with a subject you want to remove from your life.  Try to connect with the feelings associated with it – – – then run the click track and follow Tim's instructions exactly.  I suggest clients do 3-4 rounds per issue.  See if this can help you get to a 0.

        With PSTEC Positive you can also work with:  “I can be successful with PSTEC” & “I can easily clear my issues using PSTEC” – – – and others that you coin that relate to what you do want.

        Best to you – meghan

        Johnny Carlsen
        PSTEC User

          Hi Meghan

          Thank you very much:). I look forward to test PSTEC positive.

          I have some problems to find excact causes for negative feelings. I think I will buy PSTEC Advanced. One of the subjects covered there is “A simple and effective way to identify causes which are outside of conscious awareness”. I'm crossing my fingers:).

          Best regards


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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