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      I heard on the How To Achieve Anything Fast audio that there was a learning and retention product in the works, since that was 4 or 5 years ago it seems that never got off the ground, unless I missed it?

      In any case I'd like to know the best way to use the current tools to help learn and retain information.

      I have an online marketing business and there are various courses that cover different topics related to my business. These are usually online video courses about a certain subject.

      For example a 10+ hour video course on the topic of running Facebook Ads.

      The way I have been doing it was to go through the entire course in it's entirety and then go back through it again slowly and implement as I go along.

      There are these long courses on pretty much every aspect of the business, marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, Instgram ads, outsourcing and so on.

      After having much success with PSTEC in general I figured there must be a way to be able to learn faster and actually retain the information so I don't have to go through these courses again or go back and check on things.

      So with the tools currently available (unless there is a learning product that I've missed) what would be the best way to learn and retain and implement this information.

      Thanks :)

      Brian Tucker
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        I absolutely love learning now it's really enjoyable to learn
        I'm an amazing learner and absorb information easily now it's true
        I will now find more smarter ways to easily learn faster
        Learning is really easy and fast for me now because I'm smart
        As I'm learning I realize how easy it is to remember everything
        Retaining information is now really easy for me
        I retain information easily now it's an absolute true fact
        I now find I no longer have to relearn things
        Every time I learn something I find it so much easier to recall now
        I now realize I can remember anything whenever I want to

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          Ok cool thanks Brian.

          Should I click track anything first or just use PQT to install those beliefs?


          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Think about common beliefs

            I can't remember anything
            I have a horrible memory
            I'm forgetful
            I don't retain information very well
            I have a hard time remembering things

            Write them down and blast them with BB. Really think about them and feel the feelings as hard as you can while blasting.

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              Thanks :)

              PSTEC User

                Could my 10 year old do so.e of these?

                PSTEC User

                  I don't see why not?

                  Paul McCabe
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Hi Jen,

                    Just to echo what Shoutman already advised…

                    Your 10-year-old could absolutely use BB.

                    The best beliefs to clear tend to be quite childlike in construction, as it happens.

                    So, an adult might say “I'm terribly blocked when it comes to completing my assignments”

                    A child would just say something like “I'm dumb” or “My brain is bad”

                    These beliefs are very core.

                    An adult or child can also CT the fear of forgetting things, as fear can certainly impact recall.

                    I hope that helps.

                    All the best,

                    Paul  :)

                    Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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