How to work with a difficult situation

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      Sorry to post again, I know how to use PSTEC on memories from the past, but what if you are living in a situation that you currently cant change, and is distressing?

      I think the reason I developed panic/agoraphobia or whatever the right label is, is that my mother was very ill when i was a child, and i had to care for her. She has never recovered, but recently has become more ill, and I feel entirely burdened by her emotional demands (she cant physically demand from me anymore because I cant go out!) but the emotional burden is still there. Its not anything blatent that I can put my finger on, other than I need your help to get better, you being agoraphobic is making me more ill etc. Can I work with this, as i feel its a HUGE obstacle in my recovery. Thanks in advance.

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        Yeah, if it's negative you can work with it. You don't have to work with distant memories. You can use 2 seconds ago as a memory. The advantage being that the memory is very fresh. So just think of your current situation and the distress and click on that. You can try to really tune into 'being' in the current situation. So it's not about the situation, but about you and how you feel.

        You can use a reference point too. Think of being in your current situation and then try to feel super happy in it. Your sub will say no and it will tell you why, so you can see the negative feeling in and of itself and also relative to your target(being happy) and then you can run the click track on this negative feeling.

        Emotional burdens you can use the tracks on those too. Think of that burden and click it away. You can think of the trigger(for example you mother asking you for something or complaining about something) and then click track the feeling. You can try to find the reasons behind it, maybe you are afraid you can't cope, maybe you feel guilty you aren't looking out for yourself, maybe you have some anger etc etc. You could use the accelerators as they can help bring issues out or work with a therapist directly.

        You can also think of not fulfilling the burden, think of going out and whatever guilt you feel you can click track that away too.

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          wow thank you oz, now i've read what you wrote i feel kinda silly that i didnt see it myself. i will give that ok. sometimes when youre in the thick of it, you literally cannot see the wood for the trees!! thanks  :D

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            Great reply to Freebird!

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