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      The other day I sent an email about Susan Laurie's important book on Amazon, “From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever”.  Whoever you are… read it!

      Often people think their problems (whatever they are) are so bad they can't be solved. This book will absolutely change such an attitude. I urge EVERY self helper and therapist to read it.

      If you're a therapist it's an absolute goldmine and any serious therapist would be utterly crazy to miss it. Some people have asked me I've why I rate it so highly so I'll explain.

      Firstly it's breathtakingly honest.

      But more importantly it reveals step by step (with dates and details) exactly how a chronic alcohol problem developed over time. Every therapist should understand this process from start to finish.
      Susan carefully explains the warnings that she missed, and also the flawed thought patterns that she had. She describes in detail the unwanted behaviors, the highs, the lows, literally everything until she hit utter utter desperation. And she shares exactly what that was like.
      Throughout that time Susan was exploring a wide range of therapy methods. In the book she has carefully described the many therapeutic approaches she tried … which absolutely didn't work for her, but listed any good points too.
      Importantly she also gives the REASONS why they didn't work.
      (That knowledge alone is utterly priceless because if you're currently using any of those methods you absolutely need to know.)
      The book then explains how PSTEC was used and the essential means by which the problem was finally and completely solved.
      She even describes what that process was like for her as a client.
      But in writing this book Susan then went even further because she had a damaged life and damaged relationships to rebuild.
      How exactly does one do that? What advice would you give your own clients?
      Now you don't need to guess.
      Susan has carefully explained in great detail exactly what happened AFTER therapy.
      This information is so incredibly important for every therapist.
      If you're a therapist then you've probably done highly expensive training courses … but that didn't allow you to solve everything. (Maybe not even close.)

      If you want to “up your game” read this book!!!!
      You'll learn so much more from Susan's little book on Amazon than from any training course.
      And “no” for anyone wondering, I'm getting absolutely nothing out of the sales of the book. I'm simply advising you to read it. WHATEVER YOU DO READ HER BOOK. It'll make you a better therapist. Guaranteed.
      To date, every therapist I've spoken to who's actually taken my advice to read this has told me. It's powerfully affected them. It's making them carefully rethink their approach to helping people.

      I know there will be some therapists who decide not to bother.
      But honestly if you don't read it then you'd be choosing to turn your back on a totally unique and tremendous opportunity to gain a level of understanding you can't find anywhere else.

      Here are the links




      Brian Tucker
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        Excellent book! Applied a few things from it to myself with magnificent results. Thank you.

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