Im just not happy in my life

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      Ive just realised, that a core issue is Im just not happy with my life. Theres a lot of things Im not happy about.

      But how does someone find that happiness?
      HOw do I stop the negativity?

      Brain/Paul – Can you guys please help me with positive statements for PQT?

      I can CT the following feelings i suppose.
      1. Im always alone and feel everyone is too busy for me
      2. My life is boring and not exciting
      3. I always hated my job
      4. Im always negative and opionated about everything
      5. I have always hated my career

      I appreciate any help. thanks.

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Try this
        CT feeling that you REALLY HATE life
        CT feeling you are really angry about life
        CT the feeling of being completely unhappy about/with life
        CT the feeling of being completely unhappy about/with yourself
        CT the feeling of “i don't deserve to be happy”
        CT the feeling of “i don't deserve to have a happy life”

        Get these to a 1 or 0 – first two are very important

        You can belief blast

        I'm not happy
        I'm not happy with myself
        life is full of unhappiness
        I don't deserve to be happy
        I don't deserve to have a happy life

        PQT — use the 15 min
        I now absolutely deserve to be completely happy about life
        I now find myself feeling really happy about my life
        When I think about life I feel absolutely wonderful
        Life is now so much happier with every moment that passes
        When I think about life I now realize how happy I am
        I now expect to find so much more happiness in life
        I realize how happy I already am right now
        Life is absolutely now full of happy thoughts
        Life really is full of happiness I find more and more
        I am definitely a very happy person now

        Please report back.

        PSTEC User

          Brian, thanks a lot.
          Ill do those tomorrow.

          Could you please help with Loneliness as well?
          Im about to click track feeling alone and sad about it.

          If you could help with some statements for PQT i would appreciate it.

          thanks again.

          EDIT: or it could be the not happy stuff you sent will already help with loneliness? what do you think?

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Loneliness is a different animal and can be more complex.

            I recommend you make a list of all the reasons why you feel lonely and ct them all to a 1 or 0

            Some PQT suggestions can help alleviate it but I would start there. You may find that when you address the happiness first the loneliness may shift for you.

            PSTEC User

              Ok thanks, ill work through what you sent.

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