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      Firstly thanks again for the amazing resource/tools (PSTEC) and the people who support it here on the forums – a real blessing!

      There are so many PSTEC products and they have been made available to the layman .. it can be a bit overwhelming to understand what fits where and when and why and how :-(

      I read this great thread – but it is from 2014 – would be good to have it updated.

      Some immediate qns I have:
      1. what is the difference between belief blasters (newer) and PSTEC negative (older)?
      2. I have some of the products, and happy to buy others – but I have shortlisted these that caught my eye +ve, +ve extra, +ve qunatum turbo, PSTEC -ve, belief blasters, accelerators, CT2015 ofcourse, how to achive almost anything the easy way. What is the best way to start working on this? (how long is a piece of string?)

      I guess I already posted a few years back about what was the upfront issue. I spoke to Tim over the phone via He suggested an alternate plan of seeing a 'coach' on a long term basis to deal with some deeper issues. Lo and behold, after 15 years of searching, through the coaching I found out where it all started.

      Surprise surprise .. parents. With the coach we did something like IFS and so much healing was achieved. With an emotionally retarded mother (surgeon), physically and verbally abusive father – ofcourse my emotional/spiritual compass is a little off. it also meant that I did not have a good reln with my younger sister – so the two most early women in my life I had a horrible reln with :-( which meant that my entire being and frequency is a bit off when it comes to women.

      Food was also used in the house by my mum as a substitute for love – meaning I was morbidly obese by 10 years old .. and to this day eating/weight issues haunt me.

      While listenting to Tim/Jeff's interview on +ve quantum .. I had butterflies in my stomach when I took on a lighter look at women .. seeing them as fun and playful. It was a mind and heart twister, and a nice feeling.

      So here I am again, trying to remove all that negative programming and put in positive programming. Always trying to go to the bottom/root of the problem and fix it there rather than put a carpet over it. Also, I don't have much memories of issues/limitations/abuse .. just the aftermath and dysfunctional way of living and relating to people, especially women.

      The other thing is that I sabotage my success and development by taking on too many things – guitar, salsa, spanish, new career, gym, new way of eating, trying to improve libido, etc etc – and ofcourse I overwhelm myself with it all. And just procrastinate.

      Deep breath  ;D ::) :-X

      That's all from me for now .. any direction with the products appreciated.

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi kuteguy,

        Thank you for posting and please accept my apologies for the late reply.

        I am glad you have gotten a lot of value from the forum.

        Your kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you.

        It sounds like you have had a lot to deal with. It takes courage to “go there”, so well done. I am glad you have made some good progress.

        I will see if we can update the thread you mentioned, as so many products were introduced since the thread was started.

        With so many tools and programs, there is much greater scope for change than ever before and something for everyone.

        Before I provide a list of recommended products, can you please advise me of all the ones you currently own?

        As far as your questions are concerned:

        PSTEC Negative and the Belief Blasters both enable people to eliminate beliefs and unwanted programming. They just use different mechanisms to achieve that goal. They are both highly effective, and could be thought of as different tools to facilitate the same outcome. Belief Blasters are generally considered as easier to use, as they don't involve tapping (Negative does). Negative is perhaps more “involved”; it also requires the user to create counterexamples, and say those out loud before running the track. 

        There is no one way or best way to start. However, the recommended protocol is to start with the Click Tracks for emotional clearance (clearing everything down to a 0 or 1), eliminating causal beliefs and then layering in some positive suggestions of change with the Positive tracks.  However, as everyone is different and is working on different problems or issues, there are different ways to mix it up. I'd certainly recommend the PSTEC Accelerators (, as you mentioned that you had no conscious memories of certain issues. The Accelerators really help aid recall and can speed progress with PSTEC.

        Feel free to reach out, if I can help with anything.

        Please also feel free to share more on the forum, as we are always keen to help.

        All the best,


        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

        Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

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