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      Hi everyone,

      Quick question about installing the new beliefs, since PQT has come out after the How To Achieve Anything product I am wondering if the I am wondering if doing the I can, I do, I am etc. approach is still relevant?

      Do you still need to do it in small chunks like that or can you just install the full belief using PQT?

      Also I'm assuming either way we can use PQT instead of PSTEC Positive?


      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Yes you can.

        You can really add more power with PQT on a short belief e.g.

        I'm bad

        > the opposite is I'm good

        You can create a PQT:

        I really am completely good now it's an absolute true fact
        I absolutely know I'm completely good now it makes total sense
        There's absolutely nothing bad about me because I really am a great person

        PSTEC User

          Great thanks.

          Would it still be advisable to put the belief through the whole sequence but just use PQT instead of PP?

          For example:

          I can be successful
          I expect to be successful
          I am successful

          Or is that not needed anymore with PQT so you could just go ahead with I am successful and that would be enough?

          Or use PQT to make it a bit more punchy like:

          I really am successful now it's absolutely true

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            PQT is such a game changer and so powerful you can just slam it in because it bypasses the critical factor.

            So yes, you can just use “I am a wonderful person” with PQT but you can add in much more reinforcement of the belief with various words as you have described.

            I really am a wonderful person now It's a true fact
            I now absolutely believe I'm a really wonderful person

            PSTEC User

              Awesome thanks Brian

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