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      With Jeff's permission (great guy!), I'm proud to announce the brand new official PSTEC on Twitter page. The site is called PSTEC World and will contain “tweets” about PSTEC news, links to interesting topics on the forums, neat PSTEC videos on YouTube, etc.

      The account was just opened very recently and will be linked via the navigation panel on the official PSTEC website,, some time this week.

      If you have an interesting experience with PSTEC that you believe will help others and help spread the word, be sure to post it in the “Tell Your Story” section on the forums. I will be glancing through there from time to to time and tweet to your stories. I'm very interested in hearing successes about the new issue specific tutorials. I personally love the “Positive Empowered” package as I use it everyday. Amazing!

      Or if you want to create a video telling your story, post it on YouTube and email me letting me know the link to it! I'll definitely be interested in tweeting about those.

      Also would like to see a PSTEC session video to show the world how a click track session will go. Again, if you're a therapist and would like to film a session and put it on YouTube, I will tweet it and also tweet a link to your therapy website for a thank you for making a video.

      Make sure to follow us to get PSTEC news, discussion, videos, etc. right on your phone!

      Tell others about the PSTEC Twitter site and help spread the word about this amazing tool.

      Thanks for your time.

      Email PSTEC World

      PSTEC on Twitter

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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