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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      The Law of Attraction can be a controversial topic and in my opinion is a belief in itself. The intent of this post is not to explain or debate the in's and out's of LOA. It is to simply document how I use PSTEC tools in the context of the Law to remove subconscious beliefs (aka programs/blocks/barriers) that stand in the way of “getting what I want”.

      One thing to mention with respect to the Law of Attraction principles is this school of thought/belief: By focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. Is this true? Maybe or maybe not. What we do know, however, is our beliefs create our reality. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are tied to our beliefs. So by changing your subconscious beliefs, you can, as a result, change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Then you will be able to focus “what you want” without “what you don't want” in your thought pattern, energy field, vibration etc.

      I outlined a similar process for Reality Transurfing here:

      Here is how you can use PSTEC in the context of the Law of Attraction:

      Step 1: Figure out what you want

      If you don’t know exactly what you want, get crystal clear on the specifics.

      To manifest something, you must know what you desire. Desire is a key word here NOT “need” or “want”. Desire is a feeling of JEEP (Joy. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Peace) whereas need and want, not so much. You really want to feel good about what you DESIRE. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

      Get really clear on the specifics, as clear as you can imagining and feeling the details as if your manifestation will be attracted just for you. YEAH!

      If you can't figure out what you want, you can start with a list/description of what don't want and then work your way towards what you do. Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks and others describe this in a lot of their teachings.

      Again, get specific. e.g. I want a new job vs I want a new job doing xyz and a 20% raise.

      Step 2: Removing any focus on what you don't want

      Alright here is where it gets fun. This technique is what I call “Doing a 180” What you will do here is imagine the extreme opposite. Why? Because the PSTEC clicktracks just do mind-blowing things when you use them with imagined future events as extreme as you can imagine them.

      You will want to think in the context that you will never, ever get what you want it is hard, impossible, and will be the way it is forever.I also often imagine being completely obsessed (negatively) with the outcome and also obsessed with the negative outcome happening. I clear that too.

      After clicktracking, some people say “oh i can feel it a little if I try.” NO. The result you are after is to not feel it at all. It should not have any feeling and not be in your reality. If you can still feel it, keep going until you can't. Be honest with yourself! After you have done this, you should no longer have any thoughts about what you don't want.  Worst case imagined outcome no longer exists, therefore the doubt, fear etc. goes away. It will be unimportant.

      If what you are trying to clear continues to come back, often times it is simply due to underlying anger with it. Here is a post that explains how to address this issue: More times out of ten resolving the underlying anger will release any issue/feeling that keeps coming back.

      So in this example clicktrack any thoughts – in the extreme worst case context you can imagine – just like a game into oblivion:

      You will never ever get a new job, it is impossible, no one will hire you, you will be in the job you are in now (or jobless) forever.

      You will never be able to get a new job doing xyz, you do not have what it takes, it is impossible, absolutely will not ever happen.

      You will absolutely fail the interview process, forget it, you will not be hired.

      You will never be paid 20% more than you are now, no one will ever do that, impossible, not going to happen.

      Even if you did get the job you will never, ever succeed. It's not possible to be successful and you will be fired. In fact, you have been fired.

      You can also CT any extreme imagined feelings of not worthy of it, not good enough, don't deserve it etc. Often times this will be gone after you have completely eliminated the above.

      Step 3: Believing what you want

      This can be done using using the following tools:

      Using the relaxing accelerators:

      Now that you have removed all of the negative energy around “what you don't want” you can now listen to the relaxing accelerator and tell the new story. Imagine “what success looks like.” and imagine moving towards that outcome and as if you already have achieved it.  Think, feel and say with your inner voice over and over again what you want. This will add it to your subconscious.

      Using PSTEC Positive/Positive Extra:

      Create the phrases of what you want (your desire), imagining what you want the outcome to be “what success will be like”, moving towards that outcome and as if you already have achieved it. Repeat this until you BELIEVE IT! Reinforce this with the relaxing accelerators.

      Using Think and Grow Rich:

      Use PSTEC Think and Grow Rich clicktracks to install multiple things you want at once. You can even look at visual pictures “Vision Boards” of what you want. Again, imagining what you want the outcome to be “what success will be like”, moving towards that outcome and as if you already have achieved it.

      Reinforce this with the relaxing accelerators.

      Further reinforce this with the creative imagination thought loop and the hypnopersistance track also included in Think and Grow Rich Clicktracks. Repeat this until you BELIEVE IT!

      In the context of Law of Attraction, the goal here is to neutralize what you don't want using the emotional clicktracks. This will shift how you think and feel. And by removing the negative thoughts and feelings this can change your energy from positive to negative and “raise your vibration” as they say in LOA. Take it a step further by incorporating the use of accelerators, pstec positive/positive extra and think and grow rich tracks and you are on your way to what you desire!


      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Great stuff, Brian.

        Thank you very much for putting this together. Your commitment to these processes is astounding and others can see, by proxy, the very real differences this commitment can produce.

        Other potential barriers might include beliefs like the following:

        “I don't have what it takes”

        “Money is the root of all evil” (even though this does not have to be about money)

        “Life is a struggle”

        “It is dangerous to try new things”

        “If I achieve (a certain goal/outcome), people will reject me”

        “I'm a fraud”

        In each of these cases, you could ask “WHY would someone believe that?” and what the source of these beliefs might be. They form a pattern and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        You can come up with 4-5 counterexamples – for example, in the case of “It is dangerous to try new things”, you could logically conclude “It can be dangerous to try some new things if you are not adequately, but not ALL new things.” You could also “turn it around” to “In certain contexts, it might be more dangerous to NOT try new things.”

        Think about how each counterexample is every bit as valid as the belief you came up with.

        Then, run PSTEC Negative ( or the Belief Blasters ( on each belief you identify.

        As you mentioned, Brian, CTing alone is usually enough. The belief work, however, is another way to access this.

        Thanks again,

        Paul  :D

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

        Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

        PSTEC User

          Awesome stuff i have just been getting into we LOA again after many years off the track.
          I have seen your posts on another forum which recieved some great feedback.

          I am wondering about using sigils/symbols with pstec, i know the subconscious takes great meaning from metaphor/symbology or would it be too abstract?

          PSTEC User

            I was listening to wealth of abundance yesterday and tim mentions “being grateful for what you want” is the key to bring the things you desire into your existence.

            I’ve click tracked until i felt calm about certain things…but maybe that hasn’t been enough? Can we keep clicking on our issues until we feel grateful?

            And also, maybe installing a belief like “I am grateful for (desire) now.” Or “I choose to feel grateful for/about (desire) now.” Etc

            Can belief blasters be used to help achieve an attitude of gratitude? Something like “I couldn’t be grateful/couldn’t feel grateful”

            Gonna try this approach and see if it helps. Thoughts on this?

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              Blast the belief I wasn't grateful and I was ungrateful – same for thankful/unthankful then pop in with pqt something like

              I really am extremely grateful now it's absolutely true – same for thankful

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