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      I have purchased Pstec Magic sentences for Anxiety. (I have used Pstec and Pstec positive in the past

      I just finished the complete Magic Sentences track for the 1st time, (having listened and read all the instructions fully) and it has left me feeling really anxious – whereas before I listened I was “relatively” calm.
      Is this an experience that has occurred with people before?
      I noticed a kind of performance anxiety after the very 1st group, as I had no idea what the sentence was, and I like to get things correct. I could feel the adrenaline kick in as I concentrated fully to understand. The anxiety built with each group. (I had no idea with any of the sentences)
      I've been finished now for half and hour and still feel really restless and unsettled by the experience.
      The experience isn't helped by the feeling that has arisen since finishing that there is someone in my head “fiddling” with my brain. It's made me really panicky, and the fear response has ramped up to full (sweating, hyperventilating, emptying of bowels)

      This IS NOT what I was expecting!!!

      All thoughts and advise most welcome.



      Sally Baker
      PSTEC User

        Hello Carl, you've certainly had a dramatic response to Magic Sentences.

        From the sound of it other issues have been triggered as in essence the whole process only provides positive suggestions for the sub-conscious mind. Perhaps it's the participation in the 'contest/quiz' format that has proved to be troubling, even though you are only been competing with yourself.

        The Magic Sentences protocol is designed to be an interactive process where by focussing and concentrating on the repeated phrases or statements you can create the changes to beliefs and behaviours you are looking for. As explained it is this act of trying your hardest that is key to the effectiveness of the protocol, not identifying the reversed sentences themselves.

        I think it's a heads-up that there is more clearance to be done and I'm sorry if that feels daunting. If in the rare event Magic Sentences engenders a negative emotion then it's useful to use the PSTEC Free click tracks or the EEfs to clear those away.

        Good luck with your continuing work and be kind to yourself! Kind regards Sally

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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