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    Sally Baker
    PSTEC User

      I was sent this query recently on the 'My Messages' section of the forum. I'm posting it here as it may be of use to other people using Magic Sentences.

      hello sally ,

      i started to use magic sentences .it seems to be a good  tool then i'm doing my best to take the best out of it .
      but i do have a question : is it really possible to identify the real sentences played backwards  ?i find it really hard  to remember the sentences (i assume i should not write them down)  and then identify them when played in reverse .
      many thanks for the work done on  this
      all the best
      ps : english is not my first language  , maybe it makes it more difficult for me 

      My reply –
      The Magic Sentences that are reversed are either audio reversed or word for word reversed, or sometimes a mix of the two. Within the Magic Sentences it does remind the user that if they are finding it difficult to work out which one is said in reverse then choose the one that has the most resonance or seems the most appropriate.

      In short, it is the process of concentration and focus and the higher the level of concentration and focus you can achieve while listening to the Magic Sentence process that will bring about the changes you seek.

      Just do your best. Don't get hung up about identifying the reverse sentences and you will begin to notice changes in your thinking and self-belief.

      Finally, as a self-helper it's impossible to check your level of accuracy without compromising the effectiveness of the process as you would need to check the answers which would not be helpful. So let go of that outcome and just focus on the changes you wish to have in your life.
      regards Sally

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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