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      So today I am sitting down to pay bills and, as usual, I don't have enough in my account to pay all the bills.

      I'm wondering if a core belief to get started “Belief Blasting” around money is

      “I never have enough money to pay my bills”
      and in the past tense it would be
      “I used to never have enough money to pay my bills”

      Or is it just

      “I never have enough money”
      “I used to never have enough money”

      Or . . .

      “I am always short at the end of the month”
      “I used to always be short at the end of the month”


      “I always spend more than I earn”
      “I used to spend more than I earn”

      Any guidance on how to phrase this particular negative belief is greatly appreciated!

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Jen,

        Thanks for your post and questions.

        Many ways to approach this.

        How do you feel when you realise you do not have quite enough to pay the bills?

        Is it fear, guilt, shame or do you feel OK about it?

        If you feel less than OK about it, Click Track that – as long as the “not OK” feelings are unwanted.

        To make any “not OK” emotions even more intense, you may imagine the situation never getting any better and the possible consequences of not being able to pay your bills. “Click Track down to 0” would be my advice.

        You can consciously decide you do not want to feel a certain way or to have certain circumstances and NOT have a lot of negative emotional charge around it.

        So, to flesh that out a bit, you can be in a situation where you do not have quite enough money to pay some bills…yet you would not have to feel bad about yourself or the situation to desire being in a different situation or for circumstances to change. You just consciously decide that you would prefer to pay your bills easily without feeling bad that you are not YET in that situation.

        ALSO…work on the pattern of spending more than you earn. You could imagine the buzz you get when you buy things (maybe things you can't comfortably afford) and CT the buzz until you get that down to 0.

        I would contend that you will be able to look at the situation more objectively when you are in a state of calmness.

        As for the beliefs:

        You have the tenses correct, but I feel it is important to not argue with reality. Now, I don't mean to be prescriptive about that. In a literal way, someone could live in a big city in the USA and not have enough money to pay their bills, but conversely they still have enough money to live extremely comfortably. Their reality, however, is that they are not paying their bills.

        To be clear, “”I never have enough money to pay my bills” might be a description of your circumstances. Even though it is possibly a generalisation, eliminating this would, I suspect, be more effective if you knew or remembered you had a secret stash of money somewhere.

        I think “I always spent more than I earned” would sit comfortably in the past but, again, I think this is more behaviourally descriptive than the causal belief…which would help contribute to you spending than you earn.

        So, the pertinent beliefs to eliminate would be the ones which feed the pattern(s). In other words, what do you believe about money, life and not being able to pay bills etc?

        How do these fit?

        “Money is hard to earn”
        “I am terrible with money”
        “There is not enough money for me”
        “Life is a struggle”
        “I will never have enough money” (past: “I could never have enough money”)
        “I have no luck”
        “I'm not good with money”
        “Nothing I do is good enough”
        “Rich people are dishonest”
        “Money is dirty”
        “I am destined for a life of struggle”
        “Money is not worth respecting”
        “Spending money is better than saving money”
        “It's liberating to spend money”
        “Living within my means is boring”

        Quite a lot there! Some/all may not apply, or you may find others. You may find that you can re-word them to make them more resonant for you.

        Just put the ones which resonate into the past tense and use the Belief Blasters to eliminate them. Check in with them at the end of the track.

        Please keep us updated, Jen, and please feel free to ask any questions at all.


        Paul  :D

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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          I apologize for my delayed response!  I have THOUGHT about this post so much (and applied it to my work around money!) that I didn't realize I had not responded.

          I will post a much moredetailed update ASAP!

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