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      im sure this “shoulding” thing is related to the freudian super ego

      it also has a nietzschean sense to it.

      I had become a camel, of sorts, by allowing my naive quest for knowledge and wisdom to lead me into the darkest and most disturbing corners of existence. Perhaps we inevitably become camels when we take on the labor of philosophical thinking. Eager to prove ourselves capable of embracing the truth, we seek out the heaviest and most burdensome insights, and force ourselves to dwell on them as a rite of passage. “What is heavy? Thus asks the weight-bearing spirit; thus it kneels down like the camel and wants to be well laden.” Nietzsche describes the camel spirit as a collector of burdens, conquests, and scars. The camel asks: “What is heaviest … that I may take it upon me and rejoice in my strength” (Z, 54).

      Camels can carry great weights and survive in the desert. But the weighted individual is inevitably taxed by their burden. Over time, they run the risk of being poisoned by bitterness, despair, and the spirit of revenge. If the camel does not become a lion, the seeker will be ruined by their quest. It is always in the “loneliest desert [that] a second metamorphosis occurs, the spirit here becomes a lion; it wants to capture freedom and be lord in its own desert”. This is a fair description of the metamorphosis that I underwent in my university years, which were a thrilling period of self-discovery and actualization.

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        Dear Paul, Brian & “Co”, ;)
        I had relied on getting email notifications if someone posted further replies, and since I didn't receive any, I incorrectly assumed that neither of you had responded to my last post!
        Thanks soooo much for your replies! :)

        Regarding my 'issues':
        I always make sure to do the 'prep' work with the regular click tracks, before I use the BBs/ PSTEC Positive/ PQT.

        (Hence, I did work on many memories regarding the shame I felt. I also uncovered several other negative beliefs I hold (I am bad, I am worthless, I am a bother, I don't matter etc.) in the process. *sigh* :-
        From experience, if a feeling is driven by a limiting belief (or several…), I find that the negative feelings I thought I had erased with the click tracks will show up again, albeit lesser in strength.That, to me, is a clear indication that I need to work on the belief(s) underlying the feelings in order to get lasting results…)

        So, if there's a limiting belief I'd like to erase, I ask myself why I believe  it – what experiences am I using as 'proof' that this is 'true'? Answering that question usually leads me to specific memories/ incidents. I then use the click tracks to erase all feelings around these incidents (my 'proof') before I use the BBs to erase the belief(s). Then, I follow up my clearing work with the installation of positive beliefs.

        Since Tim released the PQT tracks, installing new positive beliefs is so much faster! I find that I no longer need to be 'sneaky' with my subconscious mind – I no longer have to “work up” to the belief I want to have.. Where I used to 'soften' the positive statements (It is possible….; Maybe…; I can….more and more so; etc.), I can now be very direct and simply use a positive statement of my desired end result. I LOVE it!

        So, THANK YOU for all your thoughts on the issue and the wonderful examples/ statements you have provided – I'll use them all :)

        Lee :)

        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Lee,

          Thanks for your post and updates.

          It looks you are resolving the issues in a very systematic way and, when you do that, the positive results compound.

          Please keep us updated on your progress.

          Kind Regards,

          Paul  :)

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        Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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