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      Hi there,

      I’ve been at my job for awhile and I’ve grown to hate it. It’s just not for me anymore. Problem is, i don’t know what to do. Ideally, I wanna find something better or heck… I’d love to get laid off somehow so I can collect unemployment benefits for awhile  ;D

      How should I click track this? Picture myself not being able to find a new job and/or not being able to get laid off and then neutralize those feelings? I’ve used the click tracks before to calm myself down but I have a hard time determining if I’m done. If I’m not completely happy after the tracks that means there’s more clicking to do?

      I also have the belief blasters and the new quantum turbo. How can I use these tools to help? Can I run the belief blasters like: I couldn’t find a new job or I couldn’t get laid off.
      The turbo I’ve tried: maybe I could find a new job and maybe I could get laid off. I’ve read positive secrets and I know it’s best to use a trigger. Is “maybe I could find a new job next week” specific enough?

      Thanks for the help!

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        First imagine getting a new job making 2x what you are making right now. CT any negative feelings until they are gone.

        For PQT:

        I'm looking for a new job as I'm over this job now
        I'm not afraid of a new job as I always feel brave now.
        I feel excited about a new job as I job hunt now
        I'm hunting for a new job until I find one now
        I'll find the perfect job fast as I'm always motivated now
        I'm worth more money at my next job as I'm always more valuable now
        I'll absolutely be paid more at my next job as I'm always worth it now
        Finding a new job is easy as I'm always assertive now
        The perfect job will magically fall right in my lap now
        I'm grateful for the new job coming to me as I always deserve it now

        The job of my dreams is on the way right now

        PSTEC User

          Thanks so much!!! Gonna give this a try.

          Any belief blaster statements do you recommend for my issue?

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            I suspect if you follow what I have laid out those statements will collapse any negative beliefs you have.

            Please come back and report on how you think/feel a few days after you are done.

            p.s. I modified/tweaked one more.

            Some of these are slightly past the optimal length. The instructions suggest 7-12 words. Tim says optimal are 10. I've worked with longer ones myself they seems to work. If you forget them while you are saying them just open your eyes and look at the phrase real quick. Don't worry about making a mistake or being perfect. :)

            PSTEC User

              Thank you again! I’ll give these a try and report my results…

              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                The obvious:

                Finding a job is my #1 priority right now
                I'll get a job fast and easy as I always keep looking now
                I start jobs fast as I always feel excited about work now

                you can punch it up with – steady,stable, dream, killer, better, easier, amazing, higher-paying etc.

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