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    Charlotte Tonkinson
    PSTEC User

      Hi, i have recently started listening to the no more anxiety and anger tracks. I keep falling asleep during them, this isn't much of a problem during the relaxation accelerator before bed but will the tracks still do their work if i am dozing or asleep? It's the kinds of sleepiness that comes with being deep in hypnosis and either drifting in and out of awareness or totally gone. Perhaps it is because i am laid down.

      Also, is it safe to use them while driving? (Provided i wasn't falling asleep during them obviously, they don't seem to have the same warning as wealth of abundance or embracing change). I might avoid it just to be safe but just wondering what you think?


      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        As far as being safe, I have listened to both myself while doing so. What matters is that you listen carefully to what is being said and that you think about what is being said (not just let the words wash over you) and how it has applied in the past and/or will apply in the future to you as you listen to it while you really try hard to feel the feelings associated with those thoughts the entire time.

        If you fall asleep, it's ok. I also used to listen to them on my daily walk. It's like exercising your mind and body at the same time. :)

        Charlotte Tonkinson
        PSTEC User

          Thanks Brian, i'll try listening without laying down and actively listening. I think i must find Tim's voice too relaxing haha! Perhaps since using the relaxation accelerator just before bed i have created a pavlovian response in myself.  😮

          Paul McCabe
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Ammy,

            Thanks for your post.

            Further to what Brian has written, you could also experiment with running those particular tracks at a faster playback speed. You could run it at x1.5 speed; this might be another way to engage your mind.

            There are various programs and apps which allow you to alter the playback speed of audio tracks. You may have one already.

            Alternatively or additionally, if you have any of the PSTEC Positive packages, you might also be able to layer in a suggestion like:

            – “When I listen to Tim's voice, I remain completely focused”

            I hope this is helpful, Ammy.

            All the best,

            Paul  :)

            Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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