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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      In the PSTEC POS tracks, Tim suggest we spend time in Non-Specific Re-patterning. I want to make sure I'm on the right track.

      Today, I was tapping on rejection and unworthiness issues. I didn't have a specific event — just a few non-eventful occasions surrounding my mother that I was working on. I tapped with the ATT#2 and the CT#2, followed by the ATT Relaxation #1. As I was listening to the clicks and tapping, odd, little moments floated in and out and I held on to them as long as I could. Some of these moments were from years and years ago, and some were things I made up from stories I remembered from years past. None of them felt like a major, Big Dot Deal. I just kept tapping anyway.

      Is this what Tim means by Non-Specific Re-patterning? I'm working around an “issue” and tap through as the memories come up, whether I think they mean anything or not.

      Then I go back in with the POS tracks to input good stuff, and if resistance comes up, I repeat the above (or variation of it) with the CTs, etc..

      I took a page from Glenn and created a playlist in iTunes of an ATT + CT + Relaxation track to handle these vague, non-specific issues. Makes it a lot easier to have it pre-programmed, but it will have to be switched around eventually. I've just been “going with the flow” and addressing what comes up.

      Can someone confirm that I'm headed in the right direction?

      God's peace, Dixie

      Hi Dixie,

      Yes, you're definitely heading in the right direction… keep on going…!

      I think I can help you with your concern here as far as the terminology of “specific” and “non-specific” re-patterning, as well…
      I believe it was on the “Achieve Anything” material that Tim provided the explanation of the difference between them…

      These terms refer to the outcome of the tapping and whether you're installing a new belief or not…
      When you tap on a memory and allow it's emotional charge to drain, freeing up the energy that had previously been used to keep the charge on that memory, letting it dissipate and go wherever it likes, that is an example of non-specific re-patterning. There is no specific new pattern that is being installed as a result of the tapping, and so it is “non-specific” as far as what happens with the energy that had been involved afterward… make sense…?

      When you use the Positive Click Tracks to install a new belief or feeling, that is the process of creating, establishing, and installing a new pattern as a desired outcome, and therefore it is a “specific re-patterning”… make sense?

      It really doesn't matter when doing “non-specific re-patterning” whether there is one distinct targeted highly charged event that is emotionally charged and terribly bothersome, or whether there are a number of flitting events without much or any charge that can be detected you see, it is what happens in the end that determines whether the tapping is referred to as “specific” or “Nonspecific” re-patterning.

      Sometimes the mind just needs to go through a process of releasing associations that it's made along the way as it's stored memories and you'll find a progression of images floating up as it seeks to surface various memories where it's stored related emotional charges. Just enjoy the process as the images float by, and if you're working on a specific memory or incident from the past, gently guide the mind back to the incident you're started off working on as you feel the desire or need within to do so.

      Occasionally, one of these images that float up will be related in a significant way, and this is what I think of as a highly charged and related avenue that also needs to be released, so I tap on that until the charge is released, before going back to the original incident I'm working on, as well. But regardless of what floats up, it doesn't change a thing as far as whether what I'm tapping on is specific or non-specific. Because I'm not installing a specific new feeling or belief, and simply releasing emotional charge; regaining that lost energy for use as I desire at any point in the future; eliminating the ongoing static and noise, and not caring what my mind chooses to do with the newly available internal energy that's no longer there to be used inside my mind to sabotage or to trigger me, the process is referred to as being non-specific. There is no specific new pattern that I am installing.

      On the other hand, when I'm working with the Positive Click Tracks and installing a new belief I desire, that is an example of a specific pattern I am attempting to install… and so is an example of “specific re-patterning”… does that make sense…?

      So, whether your tapping is specific or non-specific in it's effect, it is the outcome that is being referred to and whether a new pattern is being installed or not.

      That's my understanding, and I certainly hope it helps provide some clarity for you and anyone else who might need a little fuller explanation on the subject…

      Happy Click Tracking…!


      How in the world would I ever identify whether or not these incidents and events “have a charge” and whether or not they were “released”? They didn't bother me before — as far as I know — and they don't bother me now. They are just things I remembered during the process.

      One of the things I've struggled with in the past has been identifying highly “charged” events to tap on. By using the ATT track, things are floating up to the surface but I'm still not getting a “charge” — either before or after. It's more of a, “Hmmm. I haven't thought of that in years!” followed by, “I wonder why that came up?”

      Non-specific, as I understand it, is just dealing with “general” things with the CT, EFF & ATT tracks — not necessarily a super-charged issue or event, but also not programing something in through the POS tracks.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

      God's peace, Dixie
      HI Dixie,

      The term “having a charge” refers to a memory having an emotional reaction attached to it. It is something you can be “triggered” by, what's referred to as a “hot button”. Other times the memory just makes you feel angry, or sad, or hurt, or upset, or some other emotion just as you did when the event happened whenever you think of it.

      Another clue as to whether a memory has a charge to it is whether you become pulled into it, or what's referred to as being “associated” with it. When you become fully associated to a memory, you are once again back there, fully reliving it. You feel all the feelings, you smell the smells, you hear all the sounds, just as if you're there once again, and there is a sense that you are “in it” once again, surrounded by the event just as though its happening all over again.

      As you become dissociated to it, the feeling of it surrounding you decreases, and the image of the memory moves to a place in front of you. You no longer feel like it surrounds you. As you become more dissociated and the emotional charge decreases even more, the image can start to become transparent. When you are fully dissociated, you can recall the memory, but there is no emotion at all that is associated with it.

      This is the goal of the free click tracks, to remove the negative emotional charge associated to traumatic, upsetting or negative events that have occurred in your life. Have you noticed how Tim mentions over and over again using the free click tracks on those things you wish hadn't happened in your life…? That's the reason why… to release the negative emotions that cause people problems from those memories, and freeing them from “the chains of the past”, as he puts it, and which is a pretty good metaphor for what the experience is like.

      From what you're describing, your memories do not seem to have any charge to them. That being the case, there's really nothing to tap on, as they are not causing you any problems and may simply be interesting events in your history your mind is bringing up for your viewing pleasure… :-)

      Non-specific is not dealing with “general things”, as you'll notice that in the instructions for using the tracks there is the aspect of holding memories and beliefs which are troubling and which you want to work on. Tim also mentions how people have gone through their entire live history as much as they can recall and cleaned out “all the garbage”. If there is no “garbage” then there is no need for anything to be cleaned out or “released”.

      I myself have found after I've tapped for some time, there are no memories coming up which have strong negative charges on them. There have been either neutral images coming up, or even images of pleasant events and surroundings. These are not “non-specific”, they are just neutral or pleasant memories, and there is no need or benefit to tapping on them.

      In my case, it's the place that I was trying to get to and since I've arrived there, there's no need to do any more work but instead time to relax and simply enjoy. On other occasions, it's been my minds way of saying, hey, you've been at it for a few hours, time for us to take a break, ya think…?

      Hope this provides a bit more clarity for you regarding what 'charged' memories are, and the terminology regarding whether re-patterning is specific (tapping beliefs or feelings in) or non-specific (not tapping beliefs or feelings in)….

      Happy Click Tracking…!



      Glenn said, “Non-specific is not dealing with “general things”, as you'll notice that in the instructions for using the tracks there is the aspect of holding memories and beliefs which are troubling and which you want to work on. Tim also mentions how people have gone through their entire live history as much as they can recall and cleaned out “all the garbage”. If there is no “garbage” then there is no need for anything to be cleaned out or “released.”

      I think what I meant by “general things” was that I have no specific memory tied to the “general things”! :D (And if you start to understand me, Glenn, then you might very well be in trouble!)

      So for example, “general things” might be fear, anxiety, anger, frustration.

      I am frustrated because I dread a certain part of my job. So I'm tapping on the frustration and dread surrounding that specific activity. Now that's sounding specific! — although I don't believe that's what Tim meant by non-specific. I have the dread and the frustration, but I don't have an event to tie it to or an explanation. Therefore, it falls into the Non-Specific category.

      Specific = input using POS to effect change.

      Non-specific = negative attitudes, beliefs, actions that we'd like to clear so that there is no resistance to the input.

      Can you clarify the above definition of Specific and Non-Specific Re-Patterning so that it is absolutely clear to me and others?

      Thanks in advance!

      God's peace, Dixie

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