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    Russell Cronberg
    PSTEC User

      Hello, I have just discovered PSTEC and am excited at its possibilities.  In reading the forum, I'm gathering that it's not good to use words or statements while working with the click tracks.  With that being said, how would we address traumas that are rooted in things that are said to us?  For example, I was severely bullied as a child in school with the bullies saying things such as “I'm gonna kick your @#$!”  Obviously, when I hear that statement it brings back all kinds of anxiety which I'd like to clear using PSTEC.  But if I can't use words how do I address it?  Or am I missing something?  Thanks!

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha rucron,

        Missing something?  Nah, you are so close and the answer is RIGHT there for you!

        Very true… if you are using phrases and just repeating them, it can actually have the opposite effect of “letting go” and the subconscious part of your mind may actually integrate it further or strengthen the attachment to that phrase… not good if you are trying to let go of it.

        A recent discussion thread with Borut goes into some detail on how to deal with this “self talk” that comes up …
        … look further down in that thread for one of my responses.

        Let's also take your example to illustrate as well…

        By the way, you are “right on” in terms of already having the information from your subconscious for your PSTEC work.

        “I was severely bullied as a child in school with the bullies saying things such as “I'm gonna kick your @#$!”

        When this phrase comes up in your mind, this particular memory comes up and there is a feeling, right?

        • Take that memory, especially the part where the bully is saying that to you (just imagine it is happening in this moment) and pair that memory up with the emotion/feeling that is stirred up when you think about it.  Then, turn on the Click Track.
        • [/list]
          That's it… that's all you use for your Click Track “round.”

          NOTE:  You are not repeating the phrase, you are just focusing on the memory and trying as hard as you can to hold onto the feeling.

          Make sense?

        • When you finish the CT, try as hard as you can to bring the feeling back.
        • [/list]

        • Rate your feeling… if it's 0-1, then listen some more and see if there are any other thoughts or feelings coming up… any more memories or images like you had with the bully.
        • If other memories or imagined events come up, follow the same procedure.
        • [/list]Assess again…

        • If nothing else comes up, take some time to remember that memory… how do you feel about it… how do you feel about the players in that “movie like” setting?  Do you notice a difference?  Do you have a different opinion of the people from that movie… from that memory?
        • Do other “non-JEEP” feelings come up?  If so, again, follow the same process and run another round of the CT on it.
        • If you are feeling JEEP about all of it (what I find is most people feel the peace part of JEEP), notice the shift in perception that you are experiencing.  Is that different from the way you felt about the memory and the people prior to running the CT?
        • [/list]Congratulate yourself and realize that you just experienced True Forgiveness and you have let go of another foundational block to your peace and success!



          PS Seems so simple and as you will discover it is not only simple, but it gets easier and easier the more you run the CT.  Heck, you may just run out of stuff to CT on.  :- ) … Ah, start playing with PSTEC Positive and the fun really begins.

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