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    ronald rougeaux
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      I'm using Pstec Peak Performance for golf which includes the anchor of tapping the right middle finger into the left hand palm.
      Question:  If I'm using that anchor for golf… can I also use that same anchor for something else?  i.e. archery, speaking, etc?  If so, how effective would that anchor be for for than one goal?  ….if at all?  thanks

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi rroug

        At this time I believe the anchor is specific to the one goal. In order to use it for another I think you would have to go through the program again with the new goal in mind. I will confirm this with Tim. Please watch this space as it may take a while to get a reply.


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          Peter Bunyan is pretty much correct as always.
          There are two issues to consider.
          I would probably call these two things “crossover” and “similarity”
          With regard to similarity >
          If the types of performance are very different then it is better to go back to the start with the peak performance package in order to set up an entirely different anchor for the new task or activity. This is simply because the intended outcomes are different and preparation for one may not be suitable preparation for the other.
          Only you can judge as to similarity.  If they are very similar requiring similar attitudes, a relaxed or concentrative state of mind etc… then it may well be okay to use the same one. The rule of thumb is pretty much as follows.
          Quite different – set up another anchor.
          Similar – you can use the same one. 
          With regard to crossover >
          Crossover is where two different things which were initially unconnected within the mind become connected by a common link or bond. When it comes to performance this link or bond would be the anchor in this instance if used for both.
          If you use an anchor for peak performance playing chess and then the same one for playing guitar in a heavy metal band, you can probably see that there might be disadvantages based on the very different characteristics of the two performance types.  Setting up new anchors for different things avoids negative or unwanted aspects attached to one thing from interfering with  the other.
          Also if you are working on two things requiring similar states of mind and already very good at one thing but still making lots of mistakes with the other then crossover is also best avoided. Whilst one thing may improve there is the corresponding possibility that because of crossover the other may be slightly adversely affected.
          To an extent that kind of crossover can be mitigated by topping up the anchor using the peak performance system in a repetitive manner.
          Hopefully this is helpful and clarifies it for you. If in doubt, a different anchor is likely to be the best option.
          Kind Regards
          Tim Phiz…


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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